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XX-Factor’s Stereo Kicks Casey Johnson Had Sex Twice A Night: Come Back Fiona Wright

by | 30th, November 2014

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Another Sun on Sunday weekend and with it comes another story of how one member of the X Factor Stereo Kick range “dipped his wick 3 times a night”.

STEREO Kicks singer Casey Johnson bedded a girl three times in a hotel room after a night out clubbing.

Three? Is that all. That’s an austerity shag. In the 1980s it was five-time-a-night or not worth the ink.

Back then even a businessman like Top Shop founder Sir Ralph Halpern could manage it five times a night with mo-del Fiona Wright. And he was 48. Back then the kiss ‘n’ teller became a p[ublic sex object her breasts out after the story broke *.



Now we get a tale of bits and bobs. And alikening the singer’s knob to a “wick” is not flattering, is it.

X Factor wannabe Casey, 19, pursued Kelly Skinns after she posted a snap of herself with her boobs out online.

Modern love, eh.

And after persuading her to join him on a night out in London, he sneaked her back to his hotel room.

You wonder how much persuading Kelly needed. The tricky part would have been getting to to wear a top.

Kelly, 22, said: “He was all over me the whole night. We had sex twice that night, and once the next day. He said he’s never failed to get a girl’s number, and he seemed to think he could get any girl he liked into bed with a click of his fingers.

Not even three times a night. Maybe if the pisspoor Stero Kicks can add up their fan shags and take an average, the story would be racier.

“When he did text, he asked if I’d send some racy pictures of myself. I asked what he wanted and he said, ‘My boobs’. I said no, but it didn’t stop him sending dirty messages. He always wanted to talk about sex.”

Casey and Kelly are made for one another…

* Here’s Fiona Wright. Save it for the paid gigs, Kelly:


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