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Westminster Paedophiles: The Death Of Willie McRae And The Buckingham Palace Footman

by | 30th, November 2014

willie mcraeWestminster paedophiles: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at the story of politicians abusing children in the 1970s and 1980s.

Express: “SNP activist ‘killed over child sex files’


A FIREBRAND SNP activist who died in mysterious circumstances was to expose a paedophile ring that would have brought down the Government, it was claimed last night”

Paul Murray writes:

Willie McRae was said to have discovered child abuse by cabinet ministers and other leading members of the establishment on both sides of the Border. Shortly before his death he was seen photocopying a dossier of names in case something should happen to him.

The copies are understood to have been posted to a number of close associates. Despite a lengthy inquiry, the Sunday Express has been unable to establish whether any copies of the alleged dossier are still in existence.

Who said Mr McRae discovered child abuse? Who received the documents? How lengthy was that inquiry?

McRae never went public with his allegations as he was found shot dead in his car off a remote road in Wester Ross on April 6, 1985.

Murray makes the link between McRae’s death and the alleged dossiers, implying he woiuld have made them public but was shot. And so like Jimmy Savile, Cyril Smith, Peter Morison et al, the subejct of the paedos in power scoop is dead.

Some maintain he was murdered by the security services over his opposition to plans to dump nuclear waste in Scotland, while others have said he was silenced by drug smugglers.

Only one paper says it was linked to paedos. The Express does that today.

Significantly, however, his death also fits the timeline of recent claims about Westminster perverts and a massive police cover-up of child abuse and murder in the early 1980s. His death also came just months after the late Tory MP Geoffrey Dickens handed his own infamous paedophile dossier to then Home Secretary Leon Brittan – only for it to be lost or destroyed by Home Office officials.

Has the handing over of a dossier been proven?

Between 1981 and 1985, Dickens campaigned against a suspected paedophile ring he claimed to have uncovered that was connected to trading child pornography. In 1981, Dickens named the former British High Commissioner to Canada, Sir Peter Hayman, as a paedophile in the House of Commons, using parliamentary privilege so he could not get sued for slander. Dickens asked why he had not been jailed after the discovery on a bus of violent pornography.

Pete Hayman escaped jail. And – yep – the revolting man is dead.

In 1983, Dickens claimed there was a paedophile network involving “big, big names – people in positions of power, influence and responsibility” and threatened to name them in the Commons. The next year, he campaigned for the banning of Hayman’s Paedophile Information Exchange organisation. Dickens had a thirty-minute meeting with the Home Secretary, Leon Brittan, after giving him a dossier containing the child abuse allegations. Although Dickens said he was “encouraged” by the meeting, he later expressed concern that PIE had not been banned.

The source so the Express story is Fionna Borders, ”whose late husband James was a barrister involved in a number of child abuse cases”. She says

“Willie McRae got that information, and being the kind of man he was, he could not just sit on it. Unfortunately he spoke of the list to somebody he should not have which was his downfall. It is easy to soundlike a conspiracy theorist – but at times conspiracy theories are proven true.

“Why not stage a car accident, his Volvo wrapped around a tree? God knows that has been done in the past. No. It was made to look like suicide – except, of course, it wasn’t. It was a message to leave matters well alone, and those in the know took it just as it was intended.”

Did he tell her about the paedos, naming names?

Another source close to Mr Fraser said he had learned of the existence of the alleged dossier from a member of staff in Mr McRae’s office.

Some years ago, McRae was linked with another document describing a network of high-ranking Scottish paedophiles – dubbed The Untouchables – based on the deathbed confession of child abuser James Gallogley. But this dossier was dismissed as a hoax.

So. No facts and a hoax. But this is an allegation of a conspiracy so everything is reported as fact.

Before leaving Glasgow for his cottage near Kintail, Wester Ross, the 62-year-old showed a briefcase of documents to a friend, PC Donald Morrison, and told him: “I’ve got them this time. However, despite phoning ahead to ask for the fire to be lit, he never made it to his destination. Instead, his body was found the next morning off the A87, with a bullet wound to his head. A gun was near the car leading to the suicide verdict.


Mrs Borders added: “McRae had worked so hard to expose this disgusting cancer. He knew it was dangerous which is why he made the back-up copies – not that anything has ever come of them. He had been due to leave Glasgow much earlier than he did, but his tyres had been slashed. That’s not something that’s widely known.

“In those days nobody wanted to be on the Highland roads at night. There was nothing open after 9pm. Yet he only headed up the road at 6.30pm knowing it would take him until late to reach his destination. The only reason is somebody made sure he would be alone on the roads.”

Mr McRae’s life and death have been in the news before, of course. His deah formed part of the play 3,000 Trees:

In the 1980’s an underground nuclear repository was being mooted for Dounreay where nuclear waste from all over Britain was to be deposited/dumped into the sedimentary rock formation of the North Caithness coast. This was seen by many – and still is – as part of the ongoing militarisation of the Far North of Scotland as well as being environmentally toxic.

Willie MacRae certainly thought so which is why he was planning to give evidence at the Public Enquiry which was held in Thurso in the Town Hall in 1985. He never got to give his evidence. It is clear now – with hindsight if not peerless police forensics – that Willie MacRae was taken out – by persons unknown – from life and from the democratic process of public debate. The theatre can, to a degree, redress this injustice.

In 1995, The Herald‘s John MacLeod wrote:

It has all the hallmarks of a thriller. The victim: the larger-than-life, globetrotting hero of a national movement. The setting: the rugged, misty arena of a mighty Highland glen. The event: death by gunshot.

A shot fired at night, in the dark, miles from habitation: the drama unseen, unknown, and unexplained. That’s the drama. The reality is the old, old tale of human blunder and carnal pride.
Ten years ago Willie McRae, prominent Glasgow lawyer and a senior Scottish Nationalist, was found dying in his crashed Volvo by the lonely A87, on a Saturday morning early in April. It seemed, at the time, a straightforward road accident. The Monday papers printed respectful obituaries to a well-kent figure, once prominent in the SNP, once — in October 1974 — short by merely 663 votes of replacing Hamish Gray as MP for Ross and Cromarty.

It was some time before the media learned that McRae had, in fact, been shot. And it was even longer before many began to query the prevailing line of officialdom: that McRae, driven by unknown demons, had taken his own life.

Ten years later the mystery boils on. There have been articles and investigations, a TV documentary; two books feature analyses of the mystery. The luckless McRae has been linked, at various times, with Mossad, with Asian extremists, with the ”Scottish National Liberation Army”; he has been accused, safely silent in his grave — without widow or children to defend him — of mental instability, alcoholism, homosexuality, malfeasance and megalomania; his demise, variously, has been attributed to agents of MI5, Strathclyde Police Special Branch, the British nuclear industry, and a drug cartel running dope through the West Highlands.

But until now, never paedos.

Do the facts favour conspiracy?

The facts include a succession of fantastic blunders in the spring of 1985 — born in the confusion of the day, fuelled by political self-interest in the weeks that followed, now sustained by the massive weight of bureaucracy in a state reluctant to admit secrets or error, which may be covering up a murder.

Having viewed exclusive evidence, I can now assert:

* At least six hours passed after the discovery of McRae before anyone realised he had been shot.

* By that time, a Northern Constabulary officer had failed to prevent massive interference with the scene.

* That officer was NOT the local constable, and, remarkably, several local officers were — on this weekend — absent or off duty.

* Raigmore Hospital, where McRae was first admitted, did not test his blood for alcohol or drugs.

* The Northern Constabulary had removed McRae’s car before the gun was found.

* There is no proof — of any kind — that the gun was found in proximity to McRae or to his car.

* The policeman who found the gun is adamant that it was well away from the car.

* The gun yielded no fingerprints whatever.

* There is no proof that McRae ever owned it.

* The one witness who assured the authorities he did own it has completely disappeared.

* The forensic pathologist who performed the autopsy on Willie McRae did not conduct elementary tests that could have proved either suicide or homicide.

* Senior sources who insist he was never under ”secret state” surveillance admit that the possibility of homicide cannot be eliminated.

There is little doubt in my mind: Willie McRae was murdered.

Intoxicating stuff. But what about the sex?

Liberal MP Archy Kirkwood, and others, were — variously — given broad hints that McRae was homosexual; that he had psychiatric problems; that he had business troubles; that he was facing a third drink-driving charge after two convictions; that he had spoken of suicide to some close to him.

In other news…

The Mail: “Care home owner found guilty of sex crimes against children ‘supplied boys for Westminster paedophile parties'”

A predatory paedophile who built up an established network of care homes has been accused of supplying boys for Westminster sex parties.  John Allen, 73, was convicted last week at Mold Crown Court of 33 sex offences against children in his care.  The court heard how he ran an oppressive regime where he deprived children who spoke out against the abuse of food and water. He has now been named by a former council leader as being suspected of supplying boys to other paedophiles, including those allegedly held for prominent politicians at Dolphin Square in central London.

Dennis Parry, a former leader of Clwyd county council, told the Sunday Times: ‘My information was that not only was he an abuser, he was a supplier. ‘There was movement between Holland and this country, and Dolphin Square was part of the set-up.’

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