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Rurik Jutting: Suicide, Sex And Murder

by | 1st, December 2014



The Sun has news of “Banker Rurik Jutting”, the British man accused of murdering two women in Hong Kong.

Or as the Sun puts it:

British Banker Rurik Jutting sat like a fat emperor with harem but he had violent sex fetish

Fatso! Not yet a crime, but soon…

And as for violent sex, the Sun has told us:

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The Sun also told us:

Psychotherapist Christine Webber…said: “Attitudes towards spanking and bondage are changing. It seems that people – particularly those living in cities and urban areas – are becoming far more open to alternative sexual behaviour.”

So. How violent is violent? And was it consensual?

THE three young women beamed excitedly at the camera as they took their seats in the helicopter for a ride over one of the world’s richest and most decadent cities. As they looked down over Hong Kong’s spectacular Victoria Harbour, they must have felt a world away from the dirt-poor villages in Indonesia where they grew up.

It is not clear who paid for the extravagant tourist trip for these friends as they enjoyed the glamour of a city with a notoriously hedonistic nightlife. But the picture was taken in early August at around the time the youngest of them, 23-year-old Sumarti Ningsih, began a relationship with big-spending British banker Rurik Jutting.

He was her ticket to the high life — but just weeks later, Sumarti was found hacked to death and stuffed inside a suitcase on the balcony of Jutting’s luxury Hong Kong flat.

It’s a grim story of sex and poverty.

The grim discovery came a week after she disappeared along with a second victim, 30-year-old Jesse Lorena, who the banker picked up in a bar on Halloween night.

So much for the facts. What about the accused?

Cambridge-educated Jutting, 29, who earned hundreds of thousands of pounds a year with Bank of America Merrill Lynch, is in a Hong Kong prison charged with murdering Sumarti and Jesse in his apartment.

He resigned on the Monday before the murders, leaving an automated reply on his work email account saying: “Please contact someone who is not an insane psychopath”.

Yes, he said that. But his full automated email reply runs:

“I am out of the office. Indefinitely. For urgent enquiries, or indeed any enquiries, please contact someone who is not an insane psychopath. For escalation please contact God, though suspect the devil will have custody. (Last line only really worked if I had followed through . . )”

Bit odd. But more an attempt at humour than a confession of a dangeorus mind.

Five days before she vanished, she [Sumarti] was seen out with Jutting with a badly bruised neck which she said was inflicted by him during sex, according to one of her friends.

Good job this isn’t a trial scheduled for a British court because the reporting is not eactly impartial.

The Sun can reveal that 11 days ago Sumarti’s distraught best friend and flatmate Sarah — not her real name — who sat next to her in the helicopter, went on to the roof of the shabby seven-storey apartment block where she lives and apparently attempted suicide…

She has since been released from hospital but declined to talk when contacted by The Sun yesterday.

Dead woman’s friend contemplates suicide… Interesting, no?

The third woman pictured in the helicopter, Amanda — not her real name — is in hiding from Hong Kong officials who have threatened her with deportation…

So. Two prostututes – one in hiding; one suicidal – have a story to tell and, maybe, to sell.

The Sun then ads:

He habitually went out with large groups of Asian women, treating each of them to meals and money for clothes. A bargirl from Wan Chai’s red light district who met Jutting in June said he acted like a “fat emperor”, taking out groups of up to eight or nine girls to show off his wealth.

She said: “He invited us on the Saturday night when we met him and we went out to a Thai restaurant with him and his girlfriend on the Sunday. He told us to order anything we wanted and at the end of the meal, he gave each of us a tip of around 2,000 Hong Kong dollars (£165) to buy clothes with. We looked like his harem. We thought he was rich and kinky and was trying to set up a sex party but when it was over he would only go home with his girlfriend.”

So. We’ve learned that Jutting paid prostitutes for sex. And Jutting was generous with his wealth, not always asking for sex. Did he see himself as a do-gooder?

At weekends, Jutting was a frequent visitor to the sleazy sex resort of Angeles in the Philippines, a two-hour flight away.

He stayed with groups of girls in a suite at the ABC Hotel and would visit bars…  He would take five to six girls from the club to stay with him for two nights…

The girls would sleep in the living room of his hotel suite while Jutting spent the night behind a closed door with his girlfriend at the time — Ariane Guarin, a 22-year-old bargirl he dated from February to August.

He valued his sleep. Would you share your bed with six women you’ve just met? Would you feel relaxed and fall into a deep sleep?

Her friends say Jutting was lavish and generous but fell into dark moods when he would say nothing for hours while the “harem” around him chattered and laughed.

Not really damning, is it? The story of the laughing women and the generous punter.

Back in Hong Kong, one of the women at the Sunday meal five days before Sumarti’s death, who asked not to be named, said: “Rurik had spent the night before with Sumarti and she had vivid bruising up the side of her neck. “I took her to one side and asked her about it and she told me Rurik liked to strangle and hit her during sex. She said it was something he enjoyed doing.”


Rurik and Sumarti argued openly at the lunch, the woman said. She added: “Sumarti was obviously very unhappy with Rurik. “He kept telling her to go home with him at the end of the meal but she refused to go and told him he treated her badly. I think she left alone, without him.”

The Sun ends by telling readers:

Business has dipped sharply in the neighbourhood where western expats take home prostitutes for a minimum of £200 a night.

The Australian begs to differ:

Business booms in Hong Kong’s red light district of Wanchai despite murders

Such are the facts…

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