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Westminster Paeophiles: John Allen, Dr Myles Bradbury And The Good Paedophiles

by | 1st, December 2014

Dr Myles Bradbury court caseWestminster peadophiles: Anorak’s look at reporting on the story of politicians absurd children in the 1970s and 1980s.

Libby Purves in The Times: “Yes, there really are virtuous paedophiles”

Shall we try a calm discussion about paedophiles? Not easy. Last week, a Channel 4 documentary rife with nervous caveats pushed the door ajar and peered bravely round. The film, The Paedophile next door, covered well-trodden ground: crime statistics, awful porn, scarred survivors. “The problem is out of control . . . paedophiles are all around us.” So far, so familiar. But it did one brave thing. It found a distressful man called Eddie, who in full vision admitted sexual attraction to young children. He hated his feelings, had never acted on them: “I don’t feel I’m capable of doing that kind of thing . . . don’t want to.” But the feelings were there. He considered suicide. “But it was my life, I wanted it to mean something.”

There was predictable outrage from one victims’ group, though the NSPCC bravely spoke in favour. The reason Eddie talked is that he is seeking treatment and getting it — abroad. Despite the man’s innocence, the reporter darkly said how “uncomfortable” it was meeting him: “Most of us would never dream of talking to a paedophile.” The impression was that, like another interviewee, Dr Sarah Goode, the journalist was “baffled” that there are men who have such impulses yet are committed to controlling them. Dr Goode says wonderingly: “We didn’t know that before! It’s a hidden population . . . the virtuous paedophile.”

Do we need a celebrity to come out and says ‘Yes, I fancy children’ to make the condition acceptable and more openly treatable? The media loves to talk of taboos, so how about the open peadphile? One paper could create the Peado Power 100 – The Top People Who Fancy Kids.

Purves makes a sound point:

It’s not baffling. It’s screamingly obvious. It’s human nature. Everyone fights temptations, whether to cheat on their partner, steal or just rant at a cabby. Why would this particularly awful orientation be different? Nobody knows why it occurs (contrary to cliché, not all abusers were abused children). But it exists, so there must be people fighting it. Out of prudence the documentary repeatedly stressed the horrors, but the pity is that this left little time for the really useful point: that there must be plenty of Eddies out there, struggling to be decent men in a pornified society. If they could be helped, not as criminals but before the offence, prison cell and blighted future, everyone would win.

It might have helped one man. The Mail reports:

Pensioner, 77, stabbed to death in his home ‘by woman who accused him of molesting her son’

A mother was being questioned last night on suspicion of killing a pensioner she accused of molesting her son. Mike Pleasted, 77, was knifed in the chest during a frenzied attack at his home. Paramedics tried to resuscitate him but he died at the scene. The attack – in the early hours of Saturday – followed rumours that a boy who lives in nearby flats was molested by a suspected paedophile.

Paedo! The accusation sticks:

Another neighbour said Mr Pleasted had told her that he had been warned by police not to approach children.
She added: ‘He had an ongoing dispute with a woman from a separate block of flats, apparently about him and little boys. I don’t know if it’s her that’s been arrested. I was told by one of my neighbours he was well known as a bit of a paedophile.

A bit of a paedo?


Asked about the allegations that the victim was a suspected paedophile, the Yard spokesman added: ‘We are retaining an open mind.’


Call a man a paedophile and open minds soon close. It’s not always the single man in the flats you need to watch.

Take the case of Myles Bradbury.

A perverted children’s doctor has been jailed for 22 years after admitting he abused 18 boys in his care. Warped Dr Myles Bradbury, a consultant paediatric haematologist at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge, was handed the jail term when he appeared at the city’s Crown Court today.

The Cambridge News reports:

The family of one of Bradbury’s young victims are moving 200 miles away so then can start a new life for their son. The youngster was just seven years old when he was diagnosed with leukemia and Bradbury oversaw his regular bouts of chemotherapy.

The doctor was so trusted and admired by the family they saw him as ‘a god’ who would cure their son – and even sent him Christmas cards for two years with the boy’s picture.

They were devastated when the young boy, now 10, revealed what Bradbury had done to him.

The pervert would pretend to be carrying out examinations as he quietly abused the boy behind a curtain with his mother in the same room.

Bradbury was charged with repeatedly abusing the boy for nearly two years between January 2012 and November 2013.

He did not enter a plea to the charge and the judge ordered it to remain on file.

Bradbury was jailed at Cambridge Crown Court today 22 years.


The mother said: “When it came out that he had the spy pens it was just shocking. I can’t believe it. You think how many horrible things are going to come out next, it makes you feel sick. He was always writing, always had a pen in his hand. He would do the examinations and then write notes straight after. It’s more than likely there would be videos of my son filmed on those pens. It’s obvious he used them on all the children.”

People knew:

The mother also sent Bradbury a Christmas card with a picture of her three sons when the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre had already been warned he was a paedophile. CEOP were told that Bradbury had been identified as someone who had purchased child abuse material online.

They reviewed screen shots of the child porn he had viewed and his purchase history but graded the offences as level 1 – described as ‘depicting erotic posing with no sexual activity’ – or lower and did not pursue the matter.

The material was finally reviewed following the takeover of the CEOP by the National Crime Agency (NCA) in October 2013.

Guilt depends on whose looking at the lookers.

Bradbury went on a Church mission to help orphans in Swaziland.

Should he have seeked help?

And so to today’s Westminster peadophiles story in the Times:

Paedophile who ran care homes ‘supplied boys’ for abuse ring

A convicted paedophile who ran a string of care homes has been accused of supplying children to a Westminster sex abuse ring.

Accused. But no prooof.

John Allen, 73, will be sentenced today after he was found guilty of 33 offences against children last week. After the jury’s guilty verdict, Dennis Parry, a former leader of Clwyd county council, said that Allen was suspected of supplying boys to establishment figures at Dolphin Square in central London.

“My information was that not only was he an abuser, he was a supplier,” Mr Parry told The Sunday Times. “There was movement between Holland and this country, and Dolphin Square was part of the set-up.”

Dolphin Square has been at the centre of the alleged Westminster paedophile ring. Earlier this month the Metropolitan police announced that they were looking into three murders after a witness named Nick said he had seen a boy strangled to death by a Conservative MP.

Mr Parry, who commissioned a report look into abuse allegations at care homes in north Wales in the 1990s, said: “There was a guy — whose name hasn’t come up so far — and he was working within that Dolphin Square system. “My information was he was the one who collected the young people and took them to Dolphin Square . . . . His links were with our part of north Wales and others. When this information was given to the police they never believed that there was any sort of connection up and down the country.”

More on the revolting John Allen here.


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