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The New Republic becomes clickbait

by | 7th, December 2014

We might not agree with  The New Republic, but we liked the fact it existed.

It’s dead now.

Franklin Foer, Leon Wieseltier, Paul Berman, Timothy Snyder and Michael Walzer resigned.

And the future looks poor:

New Republic owner Chris Hughes and newly installed CEO Guy Vidra announced Thursday they were repositioning the 100-year-old magazine to become a “vertically integrated digital media company.” They hired Gabriel Snyder, who previously ran Gawker and The Wire, and was most recently at Bloomberg Media, to be its new editor-in-chief.

There has been tension at the magazine since Vidra’s arrival over differing visions for the publication. Staffers saw management as overly focused on Web traffic at the expense of its legacy of narrative journalism and criticism.

The New Republic now seems unlikely to continue that legacy in any recognizable sense, since the majority of its longtime writers and editors have left, taking the magazine’s institutional memory with them.

Sad news.

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