Anorak News | Gawker counts the cost of attacking its customers

Gawker counts the cost of attacking its customers

by | 12th, December 2014

Gawker media’s anti-GamerGate drive back-fired:

 “The cost to Gawker Media of its ridicule and viciousness toward video gamers was ‘seven figures’ in lost advertising revenue, according to the company’s head of advertising, Andrew Gorenstein. In addition, founder Nick Denton has stepped down as president and editorial director Joel Johnson has been removed from his post and will probably leave the company, reportsCapital New York. . . . Gawker, together with Vox Media, represent the ‘worst offenders’ in the media, according to GamerGate forums: they have both, through properties such as Kotaku and Polygon, respectively, repeatedly mocked video gamers and uncritically reported claims of threats and harassment from feminist campaigners which are falling apart under closer scrutiny.”

Journalism is being crushed beneath the feminists’ truck of truth for whom evidence is a peculiarity…

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