Anorak News | Kate Middleton was gagging for it in New York: up yours LeBron James

Kate Middleton was gagging for it in New York: up yours LeBron James

by | 14th, December 2014

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This week columnists have been earning their crust by talking about Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, who was on a money-raising mission to New York:

Louise Mensch in the Sun:

KATE MIDDLETON has taken over New York City – and just like Diana with Charles before her, NOBODY is looking at Prince William. But pity our poor princess. Like many pregnant women, she’s being treated as public property and expected to smile coyly if all and sundry poke and grab her without permission.

Much-loved Kate was the subject of snooty headlines going “Oooh-la-la — Hoity-Toity Royal Protocol” because she didn’t LOVE it when a basketball star not only hugged her but then casually slid his hand down the small of her back and grabbed her waist.

As she wrapped gifts for charity in a Harlem pit-stop, some woman rudely tapped her on the shoulder and said: “Keep wrapping.”

What, had she stopped? Is she a naughty schoolgirl you have to keep in line?…

It isn’t fawning to treat another country’s dignitaries with respect, it’s an extension of our regard for their citizens.

That’s why we don’t say “Wotcha Bozza” to the President or “Hey Short Stuff, your girlfriend is mad as a box of frogs, no pun intended” when Francois Hollande meets David Cameron at a summit.

Sun readers hear you, Louise:




Sure, Delors was then President of the European Commission, but he was also foreign and used to make a point.

But mostly, the insistence that Kate is public property is rude and unacceptable beyond the fact that she is in line to be Queen one day. It’s rude because she’s a woman. LeBron, you may be big and famous but she just met you. Did she ASK you to grab her waist or run your hands down her back? You are a complete stranger.

Isn’t it funny how these full-body hugs and affection gestures never go towards the MEN in our royal family?

It’s also funny how dead women look good in bikinis:


The Sun: Oscar Pistorius front page


All Sun readers who are pregnant now or who’ve ever had kids know how tiresome it is when complete strangers suddenly assume they can rub your stomach or make public remarks about your body.

Sun readers know she’s right:


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Her Royal Highness was right to roll her eyes in Harlem. It was a welcome sign of some humanity that British women everywhere will have felt by seeing Kate hectored, and pawed by strangers who think that if a woman is a public figure, she’s public property.

Women deserve basic manners and respect, pregnant princesses included.

For men, it’s a free for all:




‘Nuff said.

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