Anorak News | #ILLRIDEWITHYOU is for bigots and white narcissists: Muslims should charge them by the mile

#ILLRIDEWITHYOU is for bigots and white narcissists: Muslims should charge them by the mile

by | 16th, December 2014



As murderous Islamist Man Haron Monis/Sheik Haron held hostages in a Sydney chocolate shop, the BBC wrote this:

As a gunman holds people hostage in a cafe in Sydney, thousands of messages of support have been posted online for Muslims in Australia who are afraid of an Islamophobic backlash.

Got that? It’s not the jihadi with the gun and the bloody threats made true (two innocent people dead) we should worry about, it’s us. People tuning in on the telly and commenting online are so slack-jawed and reactionary they will see the gurning maniac and think they should race riot.

Idiots don’t need telling. They’re already in the club:




Did the ADL storm Lakemba, a suburb in south-western Sydney with a sizaeble Muslim population? No. It was just white fascists identifying with a deeply troubled, mentaly negligible man who posed no threat to Australian society as a whole. They saw in him a kindred spirit.

What Monis did was terrorise and kill people in a cafe. Terrible stuff. But let’s not amplify it. Let’s not magnify the lone nutter’s impact. Well, not unless in doing so it can make us look good in public.

The Islamophic-sensitive’s assumption is that sane, reasoned people will attack Muslims if they see a jihadi nutcase with a gun. But it can be prevented. How? With a hashtag!

The spark was this post on Facebook by Rachael Jacobs, who said she’d seen a woman she presumed was Muslim silently removing her hijab while sitting next to her on the train: “I ran after her at the train station. I said ‘put it back on. I’ll walk with u’. She started to cry and hugged me for about a minute – then walked off alone’.

Eh? The woman minding her own business, who felt able to board the train in a hijab – and was unmolested on her journey – could be made safe by Rachael chaperoning her on the promenade. The only good things about this story is that the Muslim woman felt able to be in and out of a hijab in public and walked off alone.

The sane would roll their eyes at Rachael and walk on.

And before we go on, let’s look at this story on Sheik Haron by the ABC’s Rachael Kohn. It’s from 2009:

Sheik Haron, as he calls himself, can seem a bit too loony to take seriously, but this is a mistake. The self-styled mufti is no shrinking violet when it comes to promoting hatred of the West and justifying violence in the name of Allah. Nor is he lacking funds to produce his elaborate propaganda.

I have been one of his targets, along with other public figures, including the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and the Melbourne magistrate, Judge Peter Reardon, who presided over the case of five men charged with planning a terrorist attack against the Holsworthy Army base.

I have read the sheik’s faxes, letters on custom letterhead, and CDs in which he openly promoted the glorious calling of jihad against the West and celebrated the deaths of Australians in war and in the Victorian bushfires …

In the many media conferences and interfaith meetings I’ve attended, Muslims have regularly complained that the media cast them in a poor light.

However valid that complaint may be, it loses all credibility when they don’t go after the radicals in their community.

If they don’t, the media will do it for them.

And in the case of Sheik Haron, he was really very hard to miss.

The police marksman agrees.

And still there have been race riots.

The nutter kills. And we get this (BBC):

Thousands of people have now joined the spontaneous campaign, offering to meet Muslim people at their local stations and to ride with them on their journey.

Has there been a spike in attacks on Muslims is Australia? No.

Mark Steyn is unimpressed:

Usually the Muslims-fear-backlash crowd at least waits till the terrorist atrocity is over. In this case the desiccated multiculti saps launched the #I’llRideWithYou campaign even as the siege was still ongoing – while Katrina Dawson and Tori Johnson were still alive. Muslims are not the victims here. Ms Dawson and Mr Johnson are the victims. And yet the urge to usher Muslims into the victim chair and massage their tender sensibilities is now so reflexive the narcissists on Twitter don’t even have the good taste to wait till the siege is over and the corpse count is known.

Tim Blair wonders is this hashtag would be as useful:


A little more on the man you should have been wondering about:

Self-described cleric, Man Maron Monis, 50, first came to attention of police when he penned poisonous letters to the family of dead Australian soldiers.

Last year he was charged with being an accessory to the murder of his ex-wife and mother of two.

And most recently, he was charged with more than 50 allegations of indecent and sexual assault relating to time allegedly spent as a self-proclaimed “spiritual healer” who dealt with black magic at a premises in western Sydney more than a decade ago.

Monis, who has also gone by the names of Sheikh Haron and Mohammad Hassan Manteghi, was born in Iran and most recently has been living at Bexley North in Sydney’s south.

Still no race riots follwoed that news.

But we did see lots of white Aussies keen to look enlightened and show off their anti-racist credentials to white Australians by offering to sit with an actual Muslim.

These luminous knobs are easily identifiable – some are wearing the #ILLRIDEWITHYOU on their clothing. Like the Canadian travellers with their little Maple Leafs patches, these intrepid whites are not like their wrong-thinking kin. ‘Look,’ they say, ‘I’ve got a badge to prove it.’

Maybe Muslims not in a hijab or someo other easily identifable Islamic clothing could wear a banner or a sticker to better seduce the white co-walkers? These Muslims can then hire themselves out by the mile. #I’llridewthyou4$15astop. Kerching! (And you might even get a hug from a babe!)

The Deccan Herlad has more on the actual crime:

The Lindt Chocolat Cafe hostage taker has requested for an IS flag, Sydney Morning Herald reported citing a Muslim community leader as saying.

“The man inside the cafe said that if police could get him an IS flag, then he would release some hostages,” said the leader.

Possession of the IS flag is illegal in Australia. “A contact I know from Counter Terrorism phoned me four or five times Monday asking if I could find them an IS flag, in a hurry. At one stage I had a team of people trying to find one,” the leader said.

After receiving the calls, the community leader rang everyone she knew.

“I must have called 50 people trying to find an IS flag. I found plenty of people who had one, but they didn’t want to give them up. They also believed that the police were trying set them up,” the leader said.

Meanwhile, at the University of Michigan, a freep-thinking Muslim is being shunned:

Some students took offense to the article, saying it belittled their concerns about social justice. Mahmood, who is Muslim and describes his political views as mostly conservative and libertarian, says the first big backlash came when another student complained anonymously about being offended and he was fired from the student newspaper, the Michigan Daily.

“These progressive students attacked Omar because they felt that he, as a Muslim, cannot also be a conservative,” Derek Draplin, a student and editor of the conservative student paper The Review, which published the parody, told “He doesn’t fit their social justice agenda so they attack him, censor him, try to get him to shut up.”

On Friday night, according to Mahmood, people attacked his dorm room door, egging it and leaving copies of his satirical article with notes on the backs including “Shut the f— up!” and “You scum embarrass us” and “DO YOU EVEN GO HERE?! LEAVE!!” along with various others, including an image of a creature with horns and another one of him with his eyes crossed out. viewed surveillance footage taken early Friday at 1:40 a.m. local time inside of Mahmood’s dorm, which is for students but is run independently of the university. It showed four figures meeting in the hallway and one of them handing the other three hooded sweatshirts. The three then put on hooded sweatshirts and go to his door. Mahmood says he believes he knows who the attackers were based on the footage.

Muslims. Give up. The liberals have you surrounded…

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