Anorak News | Spurs Balls: Yid Army soon to be owned by Jew-hating Qatar

Spurs Balls: Yid Army soon to be owned by Jew-hating Qatar

by | 17th, December 2014

Can it be that Spurs – home to the ‘Yid Army’ – are to be owned by the Qatari government in a £1billion takeover?

The Sun reports:

The Arabian nation’s sports minister Salah bin Ghanem bin Nasser al-Ali says they want a Premier League club as the Gulf state’s next sporting investment.

But Spurs… The Yids?

Al-Ani promised any takeover would include pumping in the kind of money that helped them transform Paris Saint-Germain from chronic under-achievers to French champions and an emerging European giant.

Nice idea. Problem is that PSG play in a one-team league. The Premier League is a bit trickier.

And with Tottenham owner Joe Lewis ready to talk business if a buyer meets his asking price, the North London side could be the next under foreign ownership.

Al-Ani said: “Of course Qatar wants to own a Premier League club. One hundred per cent. Here in Qatar we are very, very good in taking something and really transforming it into something very, very good. Even if it’s good we take it to another ste.”…

Al-Ani hinted they are looking at clubs ripe for plucking — and Spurs would head that list, especially with a new 56,000- capacity stadium coming.

Utter balls, surely.

Maybe not:

No official contacts between the nations remain blocked, and there are no direct flights between Tel Aviv and Doha, but unofficial lines of communication are open. Israelis with second passports are known to visit Qatar regularly, with a handful even living and working in Doha on long-term gigs. Israeli journalists such as Smadar Perry and Akiva Eldar have covered the annual international conference that is the Doha Forum.

But, then, Qatar does support groups that want Israel destroyed and Jews left once more without a homeland.

It’s a game of two halves…


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