Anorak News | Westminster paedophiles are like Jimmy Savile and Peter Jaconelli: guilty now that they’re dead

Westminster paedophiles are like Jimmy Savile and Peter Jaconelli: guilty now that they’re dead

by | 18th, December 2014

Savile and Jaconelli

Savile and Jaconelli


Tim Hick, Crime and Parliamentary Affairs Correspondent for the North Yorkshire Enquirer, has news:

For some time now, despite intimidation and threats from the Police and Scarborough Borough Council, the North Yorks Enquirer has been pursuing the truth. We have consistently alleged that there was a major paedophile-ring operating in Scarborough from 1947 until about 2009 and that it included Jimmy Savile and Peter Jaconelli, the Mayor of Scarborough. We have alleged that his ring was the most successful paedophile ring in British criminal history, was connected to the Westminster paedophile ring, operated far beyond North Yorkshire, had international connections and was involved in trafficking and enticing young people into prostitution. It was successful because Jaconelli was protected by North Yorkshire Police, because he was a Scarborough Borough Councillor, County Councillor, millionaire businessman, Mayor, leading Scarborough Citizen who was a School Governor and ran the local Judo Club.

All enticing stuff.

Neither Savile nor Jaconelli every faced a charge of sexual abuse.

One relative did speak on behalf of the dead Jaconelli. The Express reported:

Jaconelli had a 50ins girth and guzzled his way into the Guinness Book of Records by downing 512 oysters in 48 minutes and 42 seconds. In the BBC TV show Savile’s Travels, the DJ and 21st Jaconelli went on to the mat for a judo session.

Jaconelli’s nephew Ronald said from his Scarborough home last night: “I have no comment whatsoever. It’s a load of ********!”

Jimmy Corrigan’s son James said: “I do not believe this allegation. I have never seen any evidence of this at all. I have canvassed quite a bit of opinion from my father’s old friends. I have spoken to our old family lawyer who was retained between 1970 and 2000 who was also a personal friend. I asked him if my father had ever been implicated or questioned. He said ‘absolutely not’.

“It is a very serious allegation and my father is not here to defend himself. It is deeply shocking. Anybody who has been close to Savile is almost guilty by association it seems.

“I am very willing to be available to the police if and when they feel they need to contact me. I am shocked, stunned and upset about this. ”

Accused is enough. In May 2014:

A former mayor of Scarborough who was friends with Jimmy Savile has been stripped of his civic honours by the town council after being accused of child sex abuse.

Why? Well, Real Whitby wanted answers. And the police were not keen on allowing the question to even be aired. Maybe when the police from that time are all dead, the shiny new police will go on the record?


real whitby


The matter was on local news:



The BBC:

Opportunities to prosecute Jimmy Savile and a former mayor of Scarborough over claims of historical sex abuse of children in the resort were missed, North Yorkshire Police has said.

A 10-month inquiry found ex-mayor Peter Jaconelli and Savile would have been likely to face prosecution if they were alive today. Savile had a home in the seaside resort and Jaconelli ran an ice cream firm.

The force’s internal inquiry found “no evidence of misconduct” by officers. North Yorkshire Police began its Operation Hibiscus investigation into historical abuse allegations after a BBC Inside Out report earlier this year which prompted 35 people to come forward.

Nothing to see here. Move along.

But Hick is digging and sniffing. He’s tenacious:

Operation Hibiscus, the investigation into these allegations, has now reported. North Yorkshire Police has now been forced to publicly admit that the most successful and longest-running paedophile-ring in British criminal history peacefully co-existed with North Yorkshire Police in Scarborough for forty years. It included Britain`s most prolific rapists and sex offenders Jimmy Savile and Peter Jaconelli, was connected to the Westminster paedophile-ring and operated openly with the full knowledge of North Yorkshire Police. The Force’s failure to arrest any of the members over the course of fifty years of relatively open offending, despite numerous complaints and reports, was inexcusable, a national scandal and deeply corrupt.

Lots of allegations. And a paedo ring does untie lots of knots. But what are the facts?

We believe that, over the course of its existence from 1947 until about 2009, the ring had thousands of victims and was much bigger and worse than the Rotherham or Rochdale rings.

A PR-driven police force and hungry lawyers will surely find some of the victims.

What say the craven police? A statement is issued:

Operation Hibiscus: Investigation into allegations of historic sexual abuse by the late Scarborough mayor Peter Jaconelli and Jimmy Savile

North Yorkshire Police can today [Thursday 18 December 2014] confirm the findings of an investigation into allegations of historic sexual abuse made against the late Scarborough mayor Peter Jaconelli and Jimmy Savile.

Operation Hibiscus began on 14 February 2014. It was instigated following the broadcast of the regional TV news programme Inside Out, which prompted 35 people  to come forward with reports of historic sexual abuse by Jaconelli and Savile.

32 of the cases related to Jaconelli for reported offences that occurred between1958 and 1998, and five to Savile that occurred between 1979 and 1988.

Each individual case was investigated by a team of experienced detectives. The victims have been directed to, and offered the support from, specialist victim support agencies.

The investigations have now come to a conclusion.

Charges brought against the dead – both Jaconelli and Savile are very much dead – are hard to make stick. Anyone alive we can watch in court?

Sufficient evidence has been uncovered to suggest that, had they been alive today, files would have been submitted for consideration by the Crown Prosecution Service regarding potential criminal charges against Peter Jaconelli and Jimmy Savile, relating to young people.

So says today’s police force. But the men are dead. Words are cheap.

However, it should be noted that it has not been possible to pursue those lines of enquiry which would have involved interviews with the individuals concerned, during which they may have disputed the allegations against them.

Make the allegation when Savile was alive and in his pomp and watch the letterbox for the writ arriving.

The reported offences linked to Jaconelli ranged from indecent assault, inciting a child to engage in sexual activity, gross indecency and rape.

For Savile, the reported offences ranged from sexual assault (or indecent assault under current law) to rape.

The investigation team has contacted the victims to explain the findings of the inquiry, and to ensure that they have continued access to all available support as victims of sexual abuse.

Not “alleged” victims? Calling them victim makes the police look active and right-on. The police who never listen can says they have learned lessons. But in circumventing barriers to justice – proof; cross-examinations; court – the police do nothing for justice.

Assistant Chief Constable Paul Kennedy, of North Yorkshire Police, said: “The findings of Operation Hibiscus clearly suggest that there would have been sufficient evidence from 35 individual victims for the Crown Prosecution Service to consider criminal charges against Peter Jaconelli and Jimmy Savile, had they been alive today.

“The available information indicates that, historically, the police missed opportunities to look into allegations against these men whilst they were still alive.

Not now. Then. It was all then.

“Today, North Yorkshire Police apologises to the victims who made the brave decision to come forward during the past 18 months.”

The police are now therapists.

ACC Kennedy added: “It is important that the victims have been able to make their allegations heard, and that their cases have been comprehensively examined by the police, regardless of the passage of time.

“It is a matter of great regret that, from the outset of the investigation, there was no prospect of true justice being achieved as the suspects are deceased.

True justice? As opposed to false justice, which this is.

“However, I hope the victims have gained a measure of closure from knowing that matters have now been investigated as fully as possible by North Yorkshire Police. It is never too late to report information to the police and seek help and support. Nobody should suffer in silence.”

After so much self-serving bilge, we get:

Any victim of sexual abuse is urged to contact North Yorkshire Police on 101.

Always dial 999 if you are in immediate danger or your safety is threatened.

Victims can also seek independent advice, support and services from Bridge House, North Yorkshire’s Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC). Please call 01904 669339 or visit

And, better yet, take a photo and call the tabloids. The elite want the tabloids made quiet by Royal charter and such hideous cages to free speech. Fight that. And use your friendly media to tell all. Call Real Whitby. They’re champions of free speech.

Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) voluntary referral

The IPCC is conducting an independent investigation linked to this issue after North Yorkshire Police made a voluntary referral in April 2014.

It relates to how North Yorkshire Police responded in 2012 to information about alleged offences committed by Jimmy Savile in the 1970s. And how North Yorkshire Police responded to several allegations made recently regarding former Scarborough resident Peter Jaconelli (who died in 1999), approximately nine years after Jaconelli’s death.

The latest update from the IPCC is outlined in the following website link

Other matters were also voluntarily referred to the IPCC, namely whether any information North Yorkshire Police held on record about Savile or his known associates, was properly and comprehensively disclosed to Her Majesty’s Inspector of Constabulary (HMIC) when it and other police forces in England and Wales were asked to do so by HMIC in December 2012. And whether information was properly and comprehensively disclosed in response to a request by the IPCC in May 2013.

Following consideration, the IPCC decided to refer these matters back to North Yorkshire Police to investigate and rectify.

Assistant Chief Constable Paul Kennedy said: “A comprehensive investigation into these matters has now been completed by the Professional Standards Department.

“It concluded that there was no evidence of misconduct but there was evidence of organisational failure, with a number of lessons to be learned which have now been rectified for the future.”

Insert cyncial roll of the eyes here. When are lessons not learned?

“This included actions such as clearly defining search parameters when checking historical records and ensuring that the appropriate department conducts such searches. Furthermore all operational meetings must be recorded, ensuring a full audit trail of decision-making throughout the process for openness and transparency.  

“Whilst there were failings to report some relevant information to the HMIC and IPCC, there is no evidence to suggest North Yorkshire Police failed in its responsibility to support Operation Yewtree, the national investigation concerning Savile.”

ACC Kennedy added: “North Yorkshire Police is continuing to take a very proactive stance on matters to do with historical sexual abuse.

“Just last week, our Professional Standards Department made an additional voluntary referral to the IPCC following enquires linked to the Jaconelli and Savile investigation in Scarborough during the 1980s. The IPCC has referred the matter back to North Yorkshire Police to investigate and we will issue a further update in due course when the line of enquiry has been completed.

“If we receive any new information to suggest that allegations made in years past were not properly followed up and investigated, we will take all necessary steps to put things right on behalf of victims.

“The public should be able to trust in its police service, and we are doing everything we can to be open and transparent about how we are dealing with historic sexual abuse cases whilst respecting the privacy of victims.”

Victims. Thrice you get victims. Not alleged. No nasty police work to do in checking claims. All are accepted. The police on YOUR side.

Hick is unimpressed:

…Operation Hibiscus was led by Detective Superintendent Steve Smith, Director of the Force Intelligence Bureau, the Department recently castigated over the Operation Spade fiasco and responsible for the loss of information on Savile and Jaconelli. In the statement there is no mention or apparent investigation of:
The intelligence collected on Savile, Jaconelli and Corrigan during the major paedophile investigation in 2003.
School children being enticed into prostitution by Jaconelli using his position as a School Governor.
The other members of the ring, including one woman known to have acted as procurer and another suspected of it.
Trafficking of patients from Rampton Hospital by Savile, to meet Jaconelli and Corrigan.
The Ippon Judo Club offending.
Offending at Jaconelli´s Ice cream parlours.
Offending at the schools Jaconelli was Governor of.
Trafficking of children for prostitution in motor homes.
The sleep-over at the boy scout camp in a motor home.
Children being trafficked to Queen Elisabeth II Barracks for prostitution and covert photography
Trafficking in paedophile pornography to the Dutch sex industry.
No cold case review of unsolved sexual offences from 1947 to 2009.
The connections of the Scarborough ring to the Westminster paedophile ring.
If Jaconelli was on the dossier passed by the late Geoffrey Dickens MP to Whitby MP Leon Brittan, who was also Home Secretary at the same time Jaconelli was a leading member of his Conservative Association.
The Middle Earth Tavern and Jimmy`s/the Penthouse Club.
The Metropolitan Police investigation into the alleged murder of three children (Operation Midland), which the police know may be connected.
No cold case review of unsolved disappearances of children.
How all of this intelligence information miraculously disappeared when it was inconvenient to admit that it existed. But has now miraculously reappeared when the police are forced to admit the truth by witnesses coming forward.
The threats to one of the journalists (yours truly) who first raised this, implicating officers of North Yorkshire Police in a cover up.
Operation Hibiscus is, in fact, the FIFTH investigation into Savile by North Yorkshire Police.
The other four North Yorkshire Police investigations

Lots of morsals to chew on but no bone.

You can read it all here. It’s like Red Riding was all true.



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