Anorak News | Knives out for Alan Henning’s widow: Barbara Henning accused of love

Knives out for Alan Henning’s widow: Barbara Henning accused of love

by | 21st, December 2014

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Innocent Alan Henning was murdered by Islamic State. Now read on in the Sun:

THE wife of beheaded hostage Alan Henning is having an affair with her brother-in-law. Widow Barbara, 47, now lives with Pat Kenyon, husband of the murdered cabbie’s sister Gill, 50. Victim Alan died without realising his wife had fallen in love with her brother-in-law.

What’s our reaction  to that? Do we hate her? Do we want her beheaded?

Gill said: “I never told Alan before he went. I didn’t want to upset him, and I wanted the kids to have a normal Christmas. It has tortured me ever since. After his capture Alan must have been in his cell thinking about getting back to his family. He would have had so long to ponder things — and what would he have had to come back to?”

Define ‘torture’.

She said: “The pain of what I have been through is just indescribable. A year ago I was happily married and my brother was a hero going off to Syria to help people. Now I’ve lost my brother and my husband. I’ve lost everything.”

After a rambling story of texting, an inability to mourn properly:

Millions of people saw Barbara make tearful televised appeals pleading for Alan’s release. His original captors handed him to IS and he was shown as “next to be killed” in the terror group’s video of fellow Brit David Haines’s execution. By now Gill felt she could not attend vigils for Alan because of Pat and Barbara’s relationship.

Any word form Barbara”?

Last night Barbara Henning said: “Everyone who needed to know knew about us. This started way before Alan went to Syria.”

Such are the facts…

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