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Avoiding Christmas Holiday Headaches

by | 23rd, December 2014

Avoiding Christmas Holiday Headaches


We have this idea that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, but it doesn’t take long for the Xmas shopping and TV ads to weigh you down. And then you have to preheat the oven and manage a hectic Christmas Kitchen – as well as your guests. Or even if you escape the cooking duties, someone needs to play referee and calm the obligatory family bust up.

Let’s face it, Christmas isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and just when you’re ready to sleep off the drinks and roast turkey it’s time to count down the new year. While 18 million UK adults worry about how they will fund Christmas as the cost of living and financial pressures increase. However the holiday season doesn’t have to be a headache if you follow these simple guidelines.


Avoid the queues

Christmas shopping is enough to drain the festive spirit out of anyone – before holiday season even begins. Not only do you have to buy the gifts themselves but you always face that awkward moment when someone hands you a present and you have nothing in return.

You may not be able to please everyone this Christmas, but you can save yourself some seasonal stress by hitting the shops early. There’s nothing worse than leaving it all the last minute and having to wrestle the queues on Christmas eve. Better yet, you can start early and get your gifts online to save those cold winter shopping trips altogether.


Gear up on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

You can even save yourself a bundle if you get involved in the retail phenomenon called Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Borrowed from our friends in the States, these are the two biggest days on the shopping calendar. The concept is still fairly new over here, but you can bag yourself some early bargains on Friday 28 November and Monday 1 December.

Last year Amazon slashed prices on over 2,000 products and John Lewis took up to £200 off selected laptops and TVs. More UK retailers are getting involved in the action this year too – so be sure to make your Xmas budget go further with some holiday discounts.


Cut down the kitchen hours

When it comes to Christmas and Boxing Day nobody has it harder than the poor souls in the kitchen. But these days there’s no need to slave away over the festive season. Supermarkets offer up some stunning Christmas food to order – from Norfolk Black free range Turkey dishes to luxurious deserts.

You’ll be amazed by the quality of food available and – more importantly – it comes with less stress and more quality time to spend with the family. Of course you don’t have to give up on the kitchen entirely, but a helping hand means you can focus on enjoying your holidays.


Family affairs

Families can be a funny thing and it almost wouldn’t be Christmas without the odd argument. Full glasses and festive stress can be a toxic combination and there’s no hiding when the whole family gets together. Unresolved issues, different political views and previous holiday bust-ups can resurface in a flash. And we all have that one relative who specialises in upsetting everyone at the dinner table.

So try to sort out any running problems before the family meets up. Get in touch with any confrontational individuals early on and get them on board. Involve them in the build up and preparation on the day to make them feel a part of things. You never know, a peaceful day may become just as important to them as it is you – while they’ll have less time to top up on the Bucks Fizz.


Don’t forget to enjoy it!

The holiday season is supposed to be a joy for everyone – and that includes you! So don’t get so caught up in creating the perfect Christmas that you can’t enjoy it yourself. Plan ahead and get things moving early so you have plenty of time and no reason to panic. While it pays to pencil in some time to yourself so you can get away form it all – even if it’s just a quiet bath before everyone arrives.

Make a point of doing the things you want to do over the festive period as well – and don’t mind others if they don’t want join you. If you fancy a Christmas Day walk with the dog, go for it and welcome anyone who wants to join. Those who don’t can stay behind and everyone will have a better time for it. If everybody gets to do their thing over the holiday season and things are planned out carefully, there’s no reason you can’t make it through to the new year without the usual headaches. Except from the night before perhaps.

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