Anorak News | The Daily Mail is wrong: dumb luck gives you cancer

The Daily Mail is wrong: dumb luck gives you cancer

by | 2nd, January 2015



As the Daily Mail tells us, pretty much anything gives you cancer.

But new thinking says two thirds of cancer cases are the result of bad luck rather than poor lifestyle choices or inherited risk factors.

Professor Bert Vogelstein, of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in the US, said: “You can add to your risk of getting cancers by smoking or other poor lifestyle factors. However, many . . . are due largely to the bad luck of acquiring a mutation in a cancer driver gene regardless of lifestyle and heredity factors.”


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Cristian Tomasetti, a co-author of the study, said: “For some cancers, it’s not worth it to stress about every single act in our lives because there’s only so much we can do to prevent it. There’s a component of cancer that’s just unpredictable.”

Oh. And stress gives you cancer. That smoke might just be keeping you safe…

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