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The Japanese solo wedding service for lonely princesses

by | 2nd, January 2015



Are you a lonely princess looking for a lonley pricness to marry? Well, why not try a solo wedding in Kyoto?

You are single and you don’t know if you would be able to get married and have a wedding ceremony in the near future, but you would like to have some pictures of yourself in a wedding gown or in a gorgeous bridal kimono now, when you are young and beautiful..

..or you even believe that you don’t really have to get engaged to be able to wear a bridal outfit..

..or you are already married, but didn’t have a proper ceremony with a beautiful dress and you find this fact to be quite regretful..

..or you did wear a dress, but it was so long time ago that you would like to experience it again, or you were too busy with the wedding preparations to enjoy yourself fully during your special day and you are looking for a second chance..

Offer yourself an opportunity to experience the feeling of being a princess in a beautiful and charming city of Kyoto!

From ¥300,000 per person (one person only) you get the gown, the photos, flowers and a “Japanese man for image partner during the photo shoot… from ¥54,000 (clothing included).” No rpices are offered for lesser or greater men – say, the French or Texans – but Japanese men are ready and willing.

And realise that by 2015 33% of Japanese households will consist of a single person.  And brith-rates are so low that estimates say that by 2050 the population could be as low as 97 million – 30 million lower than now.

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