Anorak News | Every single Spurs and Chelsea is a racist say the anti-football bigots

Every single Spurs and Chelsea is a racist say the anti-football bigots

by | 24th, February 2015

yid army


Fans of Chelsea and Spurs are racist. All of them. Every single one of them is a suspected racist. The Express, Mirror and Sun all lead with the news that Spurs and Chelsea fans are suspects in race crimes. Lord Herman Ouseley, the man the Sun labels the “Race chief” calls for police to “swamp” Wembley when Chelsea and Spurs contest this Sunday’s Capitol One Cup Final.

This week we saw a video of a few West Ham fans giving full throat to their foreskins on the way to play Spurs, a club gamely supported by their vocal and self-styled Yid Army. The Mail calls them “alleged” West Ham fans in language that makes us wonder if being a football fan is now a crime.

But we don’t wonder. It is. Football fans are kettled, controlled, judged and have their rights impinged. And the liberals don’t utter one word of protest. The State’s Sit-Down Shut Up campaign demands total complaince in all top-down moral issues. And football fans are the testing grounds for ways to enfore compliance.

Fans of Glasgow Celtic and Glasgow Rangers are told on pain of law to abandon their roots, identities and links to the community by not singing Sectarian songs.

No less a figure than the Prime Minster tells us that a rabble of Chelsea fans shoving a black man on the Paris Metro and delighting in their racism by chanting a stupid song is a “very, very serious matter” – an incident the Mail called “horrific” (a word we might reserve for videos of innocent men being beheaded).

A Chelsea fan on the Paris Metro is tried in the Press, found guilty of ‘looking’ and becomes too scared to leave the house, while another accused of yobbery is revealed to be a sane individual with a “secret life” as a – gulp! – football supporter.

The United Nations human rights office spokesman Rupert Colville told a press confernce in Geneva that the UN condemned the racist behaviour of a group of Chelsea football fans on the Paris Metro. Football fans must be educated about race. Meanwhile, back above ground in the light, members of the UN Human Rights Council nod their heads sagely; a group that includes representatives of such enlightened lands as the United Arab Emirates, where homosexuality is illegal, China, where many religions are banned, and Saudi Arabia, where Jews are forbidden from entering and Christianity is outlawed.

But, you know, a few football fans shoving a black man and behaving like racist berks is of paramount, international importance. These fools, we’re told, represent the face of white, working class racism. And that’s the worst kind – the one the elite fear and use to show off their own super anti-racism credentials.


kick it out


And so to the “Race chief”, who runs Kick It Out, the anti-racism movement. He says:

“We have got to have a high presence at Wembley. Personally I would swamp Wembley and flush out these people. We always have complaints when Spurs play Chelsea. Spurs fans maintain it is part of their identity to use the “Y” (yid) word about themselves. But it then triggers the opposition to respond. In the wider context of increased anti-semitic feeling throughout the country, we are concerned.”

Got that? Jews must not be allowed to lampoon racism by calling themselves Yids. And West Ham United fans who want to wind up the opposition in the most offensive way they can think of, must also be banned. You don’t need to be a racist to be banned; you just need to look like one to someone looking for racism.

And the BBC is on message. Yid, what the taboo-making BBC calls “the Y-Word”, has been the subject of the question:

The Y-word: Should Tottenham fans be allowed to use it?

Got that? The BBC wants to know if people should be allowed to call themselves names. It’s asking that question because some numbskulls think the answers should be “no” and the Beeb prefers genuine anti-Semitism to be more subtle.

The New Statesman agreed:

“We are the Yids”: should Spurs fans be prosecuted for using the Y word?

That’s the knowing, right-on liberal New Statesman that published this:


yid army


We’ve spoken in favour of the Yid Army herehere and here.

When a non-Jew is arrested for claiming to be Yiddo, a more sane reaction would be to be pleased not upset. Get a load of that inter-racial understanding and camaraderie. Football fans, eh, they really are a more enlightened bunch than the rest of us.

The only bigotry we can see is that coming from the police and their sponsors who seek out racism in dust and want to sterilise football. The grounds have become gentrified and anaesthetised, and the fans softened up by searches and heavy policing to such a degree that they are supposed to accept every affront to their liberty.

And if you want to see real racism, look at the Westminster front benches, the hues and creeds of newspaper editors, the big land owners, the police leaders, the main political parties’ anti-immigration agendas and more.

But it’s easier to look at football and seek out obvious racists: white, working class and dressed in man-made fibres.




Enough is enough. From policing your body and what goes into it (the police remove lids from your bottle of water and pop), the censorious authoritarian State has moved onto policing words and thoughts. They see fans as a problem to solve, not sensible, sentient people who chose to spend money on a leisure pursuit and escapism.

No “lessons have been learned” from the disaster of Hillsborough, where the police’s first reaction to seeing the “scum fans” being crushed to death and hearing their cries for help was to send for the attack dogs.

Football is pretty much the least racist industry in the country. Don’t let the moralising, anti-foreigner newspapers and politicians use a few dicks on trains tell you otherwise.


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