Anorak News | New Statesman journalist wants 350,000 Jeremy Clarkson untermensch murdered

New Statesman journalist wants 350,000 Jeremy Clarkson untermensch murdered

by | 11th, March 2015

sarah ditum


Sarah Ditum writes on Jeremy Clarkson, the journalist suspended from presenting Top Gear amid allegations that he punched a BBC colleague.

She writes in the New Statesman beneath the headline:

We live in a world of stupid and Jeremy Clarkson is its king

Eat yer heart out Jihadi John, Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama. It’s not hate, greed and vanity that rule the world, it’s stupid King Clarkson.

And if he is stupid, then so are you for liking him. All of you:

…Clarkson, the hulkingly recognisable, braying everyman face of a show that’s broadcast in 214 territories worldwide, to an audience of 350 million…

Stupid. All of you.

We also know that a lot of people don’t care whether he lamped his producer, because 350,000 and some (at the time of writing; it will be more, much more, by the end of the day) have signed a petition demanding his reinstatement. And this is not because they hold a dear attachment to due process, and misguidedly think that any action should only follow the investigation. It’s because they like the fact that Jeremy Clarkson is the kind of celebrity they can imagine punching a much less powerful colleague.

Having stated that people who support and like Clarkson have scant regard for the law, are in favour of bullying, enjoy casual violence and have minds so thin they can each be read by a woman sat at a keyboard – whilst ignoring the facts that this “less powerful collegue” seems powerful enough to have gotten Clarkson banned – Ditum mocks the kind of people who sign shrill online petitions.

At which point we find accord. Anyone who expects change from is kidding themselves. It’s just an echo chamber for monocular like minds, more akin to the modern Labour Party and Switzerland than a march on Selma.

Then Ditum moves towards the people she says support violence – before charging way, way past them, past even the flaming cages where ISIS nutjobs sit:

I don’t wish to sound extremist, but I have no doubt that if every signatory to this petition were boiled down for biofuel, the world would be a cleaner, smarter place.

To illustrate just how far removed Ditum is from Clarkson’s brand of comedy that mocks the poor and sneers at funny foreingers, she suggests the world would be a better place if 350,000 untermensch were murdered to give her world a pure green light.

Because the in-need-of-killing are “idiots in a world of idiocy”. And she is the snotty, superior judge, jury and executioner. You might not want to live in a Jeremy Clarkson’s world, but you have to wonder what planet Ditum is from?

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