Anorak News | Court tells man he can’t smoke in his own home

Court tells man he can’t smoke in his own home

by | 12th, March 2015

Edwin Gray smoking ban


First they said you can’t smoke in the bar. Then they said you can’t smoke in the park. East Lancashire NHS Trust bans anyone – the stressed and the suicidal included – from smoking inside and outside its mental-health facilities. Now Washington DC’s Edwin Gray has been banned from smoking inside his own home. No-one he lives with him in what has been the family home for 50 years minds his smoking marijuana or tobacco.

It’s just that the new neighbours who moved in last year don’t like it. You see they have a child. The mother is pregnant. And smoke might waft into their home through a hole in the basement. So. Mr Gray must stop smoking.

It’s not because these neighbours are intolerant prigs and that the moralising, authoritarian State with an itchy legislative finger want to control what consenting adults do to their own bodies inside their own homes. It’s for the children. Any intolerance can be made more pure if you say it is for the children.


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The couple suing Johnson and Gray declined to comment. And because thei is the US of A the bansturbating couple want $500,000 in damages.

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