Anorak News | Chelsea balls: Oscar’s studs, Mourinho’s script and media bias turns Diego Costa into the ‘devil’

Chelsea balls: Oscar’s studs, Mourinho’s script and media bias turns Diego Costa into the ‘devil’

by | 12th, March 2015

Chelsea on the train


When Chelsea lost to PSG in a tetchy, dramatic and acrimonious Champions’ League match last night, some of the newspapers picked sides.

The Times not only comes up with the best headline (“Chelsea polished off by Silva” – PSG’s Thiago Silva scored the decisive goal) but also reports that counter much what we read elsewhere.

Readers learn that Zlatan Ibrahimovich was “extermely unfortuante to be sent off” for a foul on Oscar. He was.

Oliver Kay notes that PSG’s Edinson Cavani performed a “blatant trip” on Diego Costa in the box. Result: No penalty.  Matt Dickenson notices David Luiz swing his arm into Costa’s face. It was “disgraceful and blatant”. It “should have been a red card”. Result: no foul. “Devilish” Costa then flew into a “wild challenge” on Thiago Silva. He should have been sent off, says the Times. Was he? No.

So much for the sense.

Although the Times’ Tony Cascarino sees Jose Mourinho’s hand in Zlatan ‘s red card and muses, “It is a though Mourinho was scripting everything that happens.”

Well, aside from the penalty that should have been given, Luiz’s non-red card and the defeat, Cascarino makes a valid point.

But Cascarino’s monocualr view is surpassed by the Daily Mail, which shows readers this photo:




The Blues’ biggest offence was to surround the referee after Oscar was upended, demanding a red card. That was pathetic. But the Mail chooses instead to zoom in on Costa’s head and Luiz’s face. The photo is captioned: “Joy, pain: Luiz scores but is later hit by Costa.”

Hit? He hardly touched him.

Martin Samuel’s report makes no mention of Luiz’s nasty foul on Costa. But he does see Costa “absolutely clean out Silva”.

If you are going to mention bad fouls, why not mention them all?

Or do you see only what you want to see, what fits the narrative?

In other utter balls, the Express says Oscar should have been red-carded for “showing the studs” in going for the 50-50 ball with Ibrahimovich. No. He should not. Becasue he didn’t.

And the Sun says Cheslea’s second goal, for a clear handball in the box, was “controversial”. Well, it is if you don’t know the rules of the game.

As for Mourinho, well, he conjured up the thrilling post-match words: “Our perfoamnce was not good enough. The opponents was stronger than us.”

The swine!




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