Anorak News | Man Gerbil of The Year: Mike Holpin and Keith McDonald are UK’s most ‘shameless’ dads

Man Gerbil of The Year: Mike Holpin and Keith McDonald are UK’s most ‘shameless’ dads

by | 1st, April 2015

Mike Holpin


The tabloids are in a single-dads arms race. The Express leads with  “jobless love-rat “Keith McDonald, 29, who has “16 children by 10 women”. Keith and his brood will, apaprently, cost “YOU” £2m.

To which the Sun and the Mirror say, ‘Is that all you’ve got, Keef?” They lead with “shameless” Mike Holpin” (Mirror), who has “40 KIDS WITH 20 MUMS”.

Jobless Mike, 56, “only knows the name of half his kids” (Sun). Mike Holpin says, “I’ll never stop. I’m as fertile as sin.”

He does, however, know the names of his three huskies, a cat and a snake he and girlfriend Diane share in Ebbw Vale, Monmouthshire.

For those of you wanting to know Keith’s secret, he says: “It’s sex, that’s all there is. If it’s got a pulse. Sex is sex. She can look like the back of a bus…doggy style if she’s ugly.”

Mike’s hobbies are “tattoos and laughing”.

As for his being “shameless”, he is quoted as saying:

“Most of my kids have gone through the care system. It makes me feel lke shit becasue they’ve suffered.”

The headline “Shameless dad is shameless” lacks punch.


Shameless dad keith topin


But can we believe Mike, the feckless alcoholic? Does he really have that many children?

The contest to be the country’s Man Gerbil of the Year is on shaky ground, all the more so when the Sun looks at the aforesaid McDonald and says he is expecting his 16th child by “15th mum” – not the 16 children with 10 women the Express stated.

As he says: “I don’t know if all the kids are mine. I saw the headline that said I had 15 kids by different women and I was like ‘what'”?

Such are the facts…

PS: Mike Holpin is the star of 40 Kids by 20 Women, on Channel 5.

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