Anorak News | The amazing truth about Jordan Spieth’s home life

The amazing truth about Jordan Spieth’s home life

by | 11th, April 2015

Jordan Spieth wine


Jordan Speith is the 21-year-old golf sensation. The Sun profiles the 21-year-old Texan “dubbed ‘Wyatt Earp'”. Readers learn that Spieth lost his two front teeth age four at a Texas Rangers baseball maatch; has an autistic younger sister called Ellie; dates his his school sweetheart Annie Verret; and owns a big house in Dallas.

And then comes the unusual part – it’s about that house:

“It includes an outdoor swimming pool and cupboard able to store 288 bottles of wine.”

Just as area is measured in football pitches and length in buses, storage is now measured not in terms of dead bodies or jars of Marmite, rather by how many wine bottles you can fit inside. For instance, the Internatinal Space Station  is able to store 256,985 bottles of wine (that’s 398,031 bottles of alcopops, kids!).


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