Anorak News | A race of paedophiles: Todros Grynhaus, Muslims in Rotherham and institutional failure all over

A race of paedophiles: Todros Grynhaus, Muslims in Rotherham and institutional failure all over

by | 21st, May 2015




Peadophiles are not all Muslim. I know. It’s a shock for those of you read the Daily Mail and quote it in the manner of a man who has read only one book. But it’s true. You see, a nonce is no great respecter of family honour, race, religion and colour. A peadophile is just a human being with a sick mind who damages lives.

It’s unfair to target only Mail readers. It was in The Times, for instance, that Melanie Phillips spoke thus of grooming gangs in Rotherham:

“It’s not Pakistani Christians, Hindus or atheists who are involved in these crimes. Nor is it just white girls who are targeted: Sikhs have been complaining for years that their girls are attacked by Muslim men… in Muslim society women are treated as inferior people, and non-Muslims are widely regarded as trash”.

What of tribal mores? She says nothing. What of going after the most vulnerable – white girls in the care of a failing system who were ignored by an unaccountable police force and others in power who lived by a culture of denial? What of Asian girls in the home?

When you focus only on the criminal’s religion you downplay and deny all other factors. You reduce the argument to us and them. You appeal to the racist.

And so an article in the Jewish Chronicle. A Jewish man who abused two girls aged 14 and 15 has been brought to book.

The conviction of paedophile Todros Grynhaus will encourage more victims to report abuse to police, according to a senior figure in the strictly Orthodox community. Grynhaus is facing a “substantial” jail sentence after being found guilty of seven charges of sex abuse against two teenage girls this week. The 50-year-old teacher-turned-businessman is a well-known figure in Salford’s Charedi community.

A source says:

“It [the conviction] has also created a backlash against meddlers who wished to suppress truth in this matter.”

A relative of one of Grynhaus’s victims says that “by standing and facing her abuser in a courtroom, she has been empowered to rebuild her own life and become stronger. The relief of knowing that a perpetrator can never do to anyone else what they’ve done to your family member is an incredible feeling. And knowing that you have helped make the world a safer place is also incredible. The message is – with the right sort of support, coming forward has been worth it.”

The victim made the criminal accountable. A free media exposes him to a wider audience.

You see in this echoes of the Catholic Church, Rochdale, Baby P, the child protection system, Jimmy Savile and anywhere else where nasty things are swept under the carpet and life for all but the victims carries on as if nothing happened:

During the trial, Grynhaus’s father, Dayan Dovid Grynhaus – a senior rabbi in the London strictly Orthodox community – told the court that sexual abuse in the Charedi community was “traditionally something that should be dealt with as sin, not something to be reported to the police”.

What would be done with the abuser?

“It would be seen he was never in a position to repeat such things. Safeguards would be put in place. Punishment would be a good dressing down by the Beth Din.”

The only way a paedophile can never repeat such things is to be prison or dead.

Grynhaus added:

 “The community has been split. The pressures are unprecedented. There are definitely those who support me and are against me on both sides – important rabbinical figures. Our community is led by rabbis. Rabbi [Shraga Feivel] Zimmerman is the boss in [the Charedi community in] Gateshead and if he tells you to do something, you have to listen.”

Racists will take this as proof of a gene-bound darkness in The Others’ heart. Because that’s what happens when you reduce the debate to a single-thread narrative.

The paedos in Rotherham did not strike simply because they are Muslim. Baby P was not abused because his mother and lovers were ‘white trash’. Paedophiles are not fast-tracked to priesthood in the Catholic Church. There are complex things at work. But one thing always binds wrongdoing that continues for years: the instututions deny the facts and hold themselves accountable to no-one…

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