Anorak News | Did Roy Hodgson say Raheem Sterling was better off at Manchester City than Liverpool?

Did Roy Hodgson say Raheem Sterling was better off at Manchester City than Liverpool?

by | 27th, July 2015

Can the Sun endear itself to Liverpool fans? No.  The paper’s Charlie Wyett has go by telling everyone:

‘ROY HODGSON will infuriate Liverpool fans after saying Raheem Sterling will become a BETTER player now he is at Manchester City.’

Hogdson, the erudite, circumspect and likeable former Liverpool actually said that Sterling would become a better player because Manchester City make better players than Liverpool?

No. He didn’t.

Speaking after the 2018 World Cup draw, Hodgson said: “He was playing for a club with a very strong fan base, not only in England but in other parts of the world.

“And unfortunately for him I suppose, the fans locally at Liverpool took unkindly to the fact he made it clear he wanted to move. That is part and parcel of football really.

“If anything that will help him to mature and improve even more. For his age, he is a remarkably strong and robust person, not just physically on the field but mentally. And these things, if anything, will make him stronger.”

City will not make him stronger: expeience will. The Daily Mail gets it right by stating:

Roy Hodgson thinks Raheem Sterling will emerge stronger from the acrimony surrounding his summer move

But the Sun has an agenda:

“He has a big price tag to carry around but he is a good enough player to do so. But it is up to him to do that because we have had a lot of faith in Raheem Sterling.

“He has never been out of our thoughts at any time — whether he has been playing well or not playing well.

“We have always had him in our 25 as a player for the future. If we are ever going to become a really good team, we need players like him because of his exceptional talent.

“Ideally you want all of them playing in the Champions League. But we don’t live in an ideal world and clubs, especially at the top of the Premier League, have an awful lot of money. They can buy any players in the world really.

“There are not many players you could talk to who wouldn’t say they’d like to play in the Premier League. You are going to be competing against world stars.

“But that could be an advantage in the long run because the competition is so strong he has to go and sit on the bench some of the time.”

Words about City being a better training ground than Liverpool: nil.

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