Anorak News | Chelsea: Mourinho loves looking at Arsenal, mocks Pelligrini and fails his maths test

Chelsea: Mourinho loves looking at Arsenal, mocks Pelligrini and fails his maths test

by | 28th, July 2015

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has been talking with the Times Matt Hughes in Montreal, Canada

On Mistakes:

“I’m accepting of mistakes, but not accepting of a lot of mistakes. Mistakes are a part of the game, but a lot of mistakes are not. I’m emotional and this game doesn’t allow us to make lots of mistakes because we are punished for that.”

On Referees:

“…when there is an accumulation of mistakes like we had last season, I’m sorry, I find it difficult to accept. If I make too many mistakes and I put players on the bench then I’m sacked. Referees should be given a rest if they make mistakes, if only to take pressure off them.”

On Manuel Pelligrini:

I once had a player called Pellegrino and there were two people in football at the same time with a similar name, one was Mauricio Pellegrino and the other Mr Manuel Pellegrini. I always made a mistake by calling one the other. I always made a mistake. The last thing I’d do is show a lack of respect.”

Yeah, sure. It would most likely be the first thing he did.

On Arsenal:

Mourinho is obsessed by Arsenal and Arsene Wenger. But before his latest barb, Matt Hughes cranks up the rivalry:

Mourinho has shown little respect for Wenger over the years, and although holding back from his harshest critiques such as “voyeur” and “specialist in failure” on this occasion, it is clear that he regards the Arsenal manager as a hypocrite.

The “specialist in failure” slight was rude and catty. The “voyeur” slight is laughable given Mourinho’s obsession with Arsenal. And this from Hughes is wrong:

Wenger recently criticised Manchester United for using lavish spending rather than youth development to replenish their squad, but Mourinho is eager to focus on Arsenal’s recent outlays in the transfer market, which total more than £100 million since last summer.

No. Wenger did not do that. What he said was:

“With United’s success they have created huge financial resources and today there is no patience for them to continue to do what they did — and they have the financial resources to go with a different policy. As well, they do not have available the players like Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs and David Beckham inside the club, because youth talent is spread more through 20 clubs than it was 20 years ago.”

Now back to Mourinho, stood peeping though the fence at Arsenal’s training ground:

“Every club is different, but if you add up the amounts clubs have spent in the last three or four years I think maybe you will find a surprise. If you put Mesut Özil, plus Alexis Sánchez, plus Calum Chambers and Mathieu Debuchy, you will maybe find a surprise. Get a calculator and it’s the easiest thing to do, and leaves no space for speculation.”

Calculations done:

Screen shot 2015-07-28 at 13.20.55



Transfer by season from 1992

Transfer money spent since 1992


Now add to Chelsea’s bill the £1bn interest free loan they owe their owner .

Having showcased his maths, Mourinho then tries to apply the pressure:

“It’s a great squad with good players, a fantastic goalkeeper, and they are more than ready to be title contenders.”

He’s worried, isn’t he.

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