Anorak News | Katie Hopkins’ death appears in the TV schedules

Katie Hopkins’ death appears in the TV schedules

by | 1st, August 2015



Katie Hopkins is having an operation on her brain. The Sun’s vile-to-deadline columnist gives the newspaper an “exclusive” in much the same way a baby gives their parent an exclusive look at their filled nappy. But let’s not knock Katie because this is serious.

I’m having a brain op… I could die

EXCLUSIVE: Katie Hopkins reveals she’s ‘full of fear’ over epilepsy surgery

In case you missed the drama of this, Dan Wootton (not a brain surgeon) thunders:

KATIE Hopkins has revealed she is having open brain surgery this year — and may die.

Or may not die. It’s tempting to add in a Big Brother-style voiceover ‘You decide!’ – but this is serious:

Choking with emotion, 40-year-old Katie told The Sun in an exclusive interview: “I have decided I’m having the surgery this year.

“They take some of your head off and then wake you up and talk to you and get you to move your arm and leg as they remove part of your brain.

“The part they need to take out for me is in deep…

“There’s a 40 per cent chance I could get rid of it altogether. But there’s a 20 per cent chance I would lose my left arm or leg – I could end up paralysed.

“There’s also a one per cent chance I will die.”

As bookmakers produce a Katie Hopkins pie chart of odds on each eventuality, she adds:

“I’ve got the letter confirming I’m having the operation, but I haven’t been able to open it yet.”

Save it for the TV show, Katie. Because, as the Sun adds by way of a footnote, “IF Katie Hopkins Ruled The World starts this Thursday, 10pm on TLC.”

Are we being invited to watch the world’s reality TV death? Is Katie’s operation to coincide with the season’s finale?

Thoughts turn to the woman’s three children, one of whom is autistic:

“She didn’t talk until she was three. If you smile at her or cry, she wouldn’t know what you were feeling. But she’s acutely brilliant at memory.

“If she reads the TV pages she could tell you what’s on next week on all channels and in all time slots by looking at it for two minutes.”

Big deal. Anyone whose ever been at a BBC TV production meeting can do that: EastEnders. News. Panel Game Show. EastEnders. News. Bargain Hunt. Celebrity On Holiday. And on TLC at 10pm, The Death of Katie Hopkins – Maybe (to be repeated throughout the day with bonus behind-the-scenes footage on ITVBe).

For 40-year-old Katie, the thought of leaving them without a mother has become all too real. And I watched as she broke down in tears.

‘I watched a woman cry’, says Dan Wootton.

There’s a TV show in that.



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