Anorak News | ‘Rampaging’ Arsenal balls: The Sun and Mail’s story on Spurs ‘shame’ show how much they hate football fans

‘Rampaging’ Arsenal balls: The Sun and Mail’s story on Spurs ‘shame’ show how much they hate football fans

by | 24th, September 2015

The Press love to present any rowdiness at the football as a terrible thing. Last night Arsenal fans in the ‘away’ section were kept behind at Tottenham’s ground. These police-induced lock-ins are not supposed to be cause for merriment. They are moments when the police lock innocent people in/up for crimes not yet committed. A few Arsenal fans thought it a fun idea to reach over the barriers and peel off the sad mottos that puncture the Spurs concrete, messages like ‘Come On you Spurs’, ‘The Game Is About Glory’ and ‘To Dare Is to Do’.


Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 10.22.04


The Sun says the “yobs” have “shamed” football.

ARSENAL face another FA charge after their supporters ripped up perimeter stadium signs and HURLED them at Spurs fans.

No. The signs were not hurled. No Spurs fans were injured because the signs were hanging over the heads of other Arsenal fans, who were cheering. And most Spurs fans had already left the ground.

Arsenal got 3,000 tickets for the match – the same allocation they always get. This is the lay-out:




ESPN saw the came thing:

Kept behind after the game, some away fans pulled away parts of the “This Is Our Club” boards on the first tier of the Park Lane stand at Spurs.

Although it too slips into hyperbole. Miguel Delaney rebrands the Spurs ground White Hart Lane as ‘White Hate Lane’:


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Undaunted by facts, the Sun ploughs on:

The disgraceful scenes marred the double of hero Mathieu Flamini which sunk their bitter rivals.

No. They didn’t.

These were “shocking incidents”.

No. They were not.

But the Mail demands more.

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Rampaging‘ fans?

Sami Mokbel at least gets one fact right:

The signs hurtled down towards the lower tier where other fellow Arsenal supporters were located.

What utter balls.



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