Anorak News | Rolf Harris: 76p a day for a victim is much less than the promised £200,000

Rolf Harris: 76p a day for a victim is much less than the promised £200,000

by | 27th, September 2015

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As the police distance themselves from ‘Nick’, the man who claims to have witnessed murder by VIP paedophiles, the Mirror delivers the front-page news that Rolf Harris “pays his youngest abuse victim just 76p a day compensation”. 

He gives her pocket money?




The Daily Star (see above) said she was in line for £200,000. Other papers put the figure at £70,000.

Rolf Harris’s youngest sex abuse victim is being compensated with a pathetic 76p a day for  her ­nightmare ordeal spanning four decades. Wendy Wild has finally accepted £22,000 after months of wrangling from the fallen star -who still refuses to apologise from jail for his sickening crimes.

How much would have been right? Isn’t £22,000 and the sight of your abuser being sent down for his crimes enough?

“I’ll never again be afraid of the dark,” says Wendy, 54, who believes she can now find closure at last. “And I’ll never again see the twisted image of that two-faced man in my nightmares.”

Backing her is her older brother Paul, who was at the same children’s disco where Harris pounced on his sister, putting his hand up the frightened youngster’s skirt and fondling her after she asked for his autograph.

Furious Paul, now 57, has today released a picture of Wendy taken shortly before the devastating attack.

Harris is rich. Should be pay more because he could afford to?

On his [Paul’s ] advice, Wendy rejected Harris’ first and second offers of £12,500 and £18,000 as insulting and insufficient from a celebrity worth millions. She told her lawyers they failed to reflect her torment.

But she accepted £22,000?

Paul told the Sunday People: “The man in the street should know what Harris is really like. I don’t use profanities so I’ll stick to calling him a ‘git’ which sums him up.”

Nonce is better. Rapist is good, too.

“Not once has he apologised to my sister, or accepted his guilt and considered what he’s put her through for nearly five decades. But Wendy will now accept his money because it will help her find some kind of closure.”

He says: “Wendy won’t talk about it all, but I will – because Rolf Harris needs showing up for the kind of person he is.”

Don’t we already know what kind of person he is?

The Mirror reports on a letter and photo of a young Wendy that Paul sent Harris. He wrote:

“This family photo was taken of my little sister when she was seven, shortly before you sexually abused her. She is now the mature woman who, at your trial, described her lifetime’s torment as a result of what you did to her. While the £22,000 you have now agreed to pay Wendy is paltry, worst of all is your failure to still say sorry to her for what you did. For this reason, I’m enclosing this picture of her as a child which I want you to study and reflect on your actions and the ripples that continue to this day when you dropped that one particular pebble into that innocent pond.

“Hopefully, you might find it in your heart to apologise to her? Are you man enough to write back to me, saying sorry to Wendy for what you did to her as a child? It’s only what she deserves and would mean more than your paltry settlement.

“I hope you are.”

Is sending a picture of a child to the paedophile who abused her a good idea? Do we expect Harris, a convicted git/nonce, to weep and seek salvation? Surely not. We want him punished and removed from society. He has been.  Harris is clearly a revolting man. He has referred to his victims as “money-grabbing woodworms”. A song he wrote included the line “Perhaps you think you’re pretty still, some perfumed sultry wench?” 

Ms Wild replied with a song of her own, which was republished in the Mirror, a paper willing to broadcast her words and in so doing keep the paedo frenzy alive:

“You chose me, remember, 40 years ago, you put your dirty hands on me and have not let me go.

“Now you are complaining through the papers, whingeing you are innocent, from your cushy jail. I still live with the nightmare of your dirty act while all you seem to care about is your millions staying intact.

“Threats from you don’t seem to stop and continue to be said, private investigators watching me, fill my heart with dread.

“All of this has taken its toll and it’s me that’s had to squirm.

“Just when I thought you could get no lower, you say I am a worm.

“If you think your latest song will make you another hit, you’re wrong.

“You’re just a sex offender. Now put that in a song and sing it.”

Why is Ms Wild’s pain front-page news when so many have suffered and the police are hunting for VIP peados in Westminster? Is it because the trawl has stalled? The story of a huge cover-up has not progressed as the Mirror and others would have liked. Having invested so much stock in the story of a powerful cabal of murderous paedophiles at the heart of power and found nothing of substance, the Mirror sticks with what it knows and presents every small morsel as a sensation in the hope that it’s enough to satisfy a voracious hunger for proof.

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