Anorak News | Daily Express story that children are ‘forced’ to work for migrants is total balls

Daily Express story that children are ‘forced’ to work for migrants is total balls

by | 16th, October 2015

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Wow! Children are bing told to cook and clean for migrants!

Tom Parfitt reiterates the shocker:


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FORCED! And migrants or asylum seekers?

Pupils in Lubeck, Germany will work in kitchen [sic] and change bed linen at a nearby asylum centre for “practical work experience”.

If, like me, you did a Home Help badge exercise as a cub scout, you’ll have worked for free in a kitchen and made beds for a middle-aged woman in a semi-detached house. She was not foreign. No-one was outraged.

The 13 and 14-year-olds will be expected to carry out the chores between 8.30am and 1:30pm. A furious parent shared the letter informing them of the controversial project on Facebook.

It’s called community service, no?

She wrote: “I am definitely not a hater and am really tolerant, but this is taking things too far. Is there a new subject in Lubeck’s schools called servitude?”

No. I think at school servitude is just assumed.

Her post has raked in more than 2,300 shares and 1,000 comments, with one user comparing the scheme to slavery.

‘One user’ is an idiot.

Another called on refugees to “clean their mess with their own hands” rather than enlisting children.

‘Enlisting’? It’s war?

Only, this is voluntary.

The school’s headmaster days (via Google translate):

“The reaction of this woman is a disaster,” says headmaster Stefan Pabst. “The refugee children that we have at our school, are really great, they are extremely grateful for every interest and incredibly friendly.”

And a spokesman for the Kieler Education Ministry says the children came up with the idea. No, not those feckless, messy migrant kinder you can’t be asked to put the Playstations and fine china away – the good German ones.

File under: The Pied Piper.

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