Anorak News | Facebook banned these naked breasts but approved the racism

Facebook banned these naked breasts but approved the racism

by | 4th, November 2015

German photographer Olli Waldhauer wanted to highlight Facebook’s selective attitude to censorship. Why is Facebook quicker to block nudity than racism?

He posted this picture of a man holding a sign declaring: “Don’t Buy From Kanaken”. The picrure also shows a topless woman.

Kanken is a Nazi-era slogan about stores owned by Jewish people now applied to refugees arriving from the Middle East.


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“One of these people is violating Facebook’s rules,” says the caption.

You can guess which by playing along with the #nippelstatthetze ((“nipples instead of hate speech”).

“I want Facebook to ban the picture not because of the nudity but because of the race-baiting,” says Waldhauer.

We’d rather Facebook banned nothing and let idiots be held up to ridicule. Calling for censorship is an odd position for an artist to take.

This, by the way, is ok for Facebook.

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