Anorak News | Biased BBC: Murdering Jews in Israel is never ‘terror’

Biased BBC: Murdering Jews in Israel is never ‘terror’

by | 22nd, November 2015


Rabbi Aharon Yesayev, 32, from Tel Aviv, Reuven Aviram, 51, from Ramle, Ezra Schwartz, 18, of Sharon, Massachusetts, Yaakov Don, 49, from Alon Shvut, and Shadi Arafa, 40, from Hebron have been murdered in Israel.

How did the BBC report the targeted murder of Jews in Tel Aviv and Gush Etzion?

Jonathan Sacerdoti notes:

The BBC does not mention the word ‘terror’ whilst the article about the victims murdered in Paris opens with the words “Tributes have been paid to the 130 people who lost their lives in the Paris terror attacks”. Evidently the BBC’s two-tier system of reporting terror attacks is not only confined to the use of language.”

On BBC Watch Hadar Sela writes:

Whilst stuck in early morning traffic on the way to Manchester airport last Monday I found myself listening to BBC Radio 5 live’s morning broadcast… Listeners were given a range of information which typically included names, ages, occupations, family statuses, places of birth and education and in some cases also heard of the reactions of loved ones. Such information of course enables the listener to get beyond mere casualty figures and goes some way towards helping audiences appreciate the individual personal tragedies of victims and their families.

Is it bias? Is it that the huge impact of the Paris attacks warrants a larger feature? Should every victim be named in the initial report?

The BBC reported:

Palestinian attacks in Israel and West Bank kill five

Five people have been killed in two attacks in Israel and the occupied West Bank, officials say.

In the first attack, two Israelis were stabbed to death by a Palestinian man at the entrance of a shop that serves as a synagogue in the city of Tel Aviv.

Later, a third Israeli, a Jewish American and a Palestinian were killed in an attack near a Jewish settlement.

A wave of violence over the past two months has claimed the lives of 15 Israelis and dozens of Palestinians. Many of the Palestinian fatalities were knife-wielding attackers of Israelis, shot by their victims or security forces…

Thursday’s first attack took place in a busy commercial building on Ben Tzvi road in southern Tel Aviv.
Witness Shimon Vaknin told the Jerusalem Post newspaper that the afternoon prayer service had just begun at the shop when a man attacked a number of worshippers…

The militant Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas posted a tweet praising “the heroic attack in Tel Aviv”, adding: “We ask the fighters to keep doing so.”

No names. And not one mention of ‘terror’.

But the Jerusalem Post, form which the BBC gets its quotes, reported:

A Palestinian armed with a knife murdered two Israelis and moderately wounded a third during a rampage in a southern Tel Aviv office building on Thursday afternoon.

The victims were named as Aviram Reuven, 51, from Ramle, and Aharon Yisayev, 32, from Holon.

The attack began at around 2 p.m., when 36-year-old Raed Khalil bin Mahmoud, the father of five and resident of Dura in the West Bank southwest of Hebron, walked to the second floor of the Panorama building on Ben-Zvi Street and began stabbing worshipers at an afternoon minha service being held inside a Judaica store.

It’s worth looking at the BBC most recent stories on ‘Israel’.

November 13: “Israelis killed in West Bank as Palestinians shot dead”

The murders and the murdered are all named.

November 10: “Jerusalem: Palestinian youths stab Israeli train guard”

The victim is not named.

October 16: “Palestinian killed by Israeli soldiers in Hebron”

No names.

The BBC does have a little form in being less than even-handed.




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