Anorak News | Falling over: photos of monumental face plants

Falling over: photos of monumental face plants

by | 24th, February 2016

Sandro Giordano’s In Extremis (Bodies With No Regret) sees models after a face plant. Inspiration for the project arrived in the shape of a friend who broke his leg while trying to prevent his mobile phone from falling in the sea, and another pal who when falling off his bike used his hands not to brace his fall, rather to keep hold of stuff.

“My photographs are short stories about a falling-down world,” says Sandro. “Each shot tells of worn-out characters who, as if a sudden black-out of mind and body took over, let themselves crash with no attempt to save themselves…They reach their limit beyond which their false self cannot go.”

Let’s not forget: you falling over is a tragedy; her falling over is comedy.


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