Anorak News | US students get counselling after miniature sombreros horror

US students get counselling after miniature sombreros horror

by | 8th, March 2016

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Like you, I too was “injured and affected” by students wearing small sombrero hats at a tequila-themed birthday party held at Bowdoin College, Maine. I too have been deeply affected by what the college rightly calls an “act of ethnic stereotyping”.

The college’s general assembly has understandably issued a “statement of solidarity” to stand by all students who were affected by the ‘tequila party’. Like you, I’m off to Bowdoin on the first jet to claim my “safe space” inside a large plastic dome and counselling sessions to help me cope with the emotional fallout from this phobic-based mocking of Mexicans with tiny heads and the greater tiny-headed hat wearing community.

Student Bill de la Rosa (head size: swollen) is neither shill, fatuous or dictatorial when she says, “These actions have consequences. These are leaders on our campus that were chosen and elected to represent the student body. Those actions did not reflect that last week.”

Note: In other news, Mexico’s Jewish community reminds one and all that patriotic, Speedy Gonzalez-themed yamulkas are sacrosanct – and at $3.99 each with discounts available for party orders a snip!

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