Anorak News | Blitzkrieg Bop! Cambridge University ‘parlour committee’ bans ‘racist’ fancy dress do

Blitzkrieg Bop! Cambridge University ‘parlour committee’ bans ‘racist’ fancy dress do

by | 11th, March 2016

In what the Times is calling a “political correctness row”, Pembroke College, Cambridge, has banned a do themed around Jules Verne’s Around the World in 80 Days because dressing up could lead to “cultural appropriation”.

Good. I loathe fancy dress.

The Pembroke “junior parlour committee” told students:

“Having discussed the matter at length as a committee, we have decided that the most appropriate action is to break with the tradition of reusing finalists’ first fresher bop theme, in their end of Lent term third year bop. Instead we are using an alternative theme to avoid the potential for offense [sic] to be caused by the theme Around the World in 80 Days.”

Yeah. The “junior parlour committee”. Let’s be clear: anyone who signs up for an outfit called the “junior parlour committee” is a bit of a knob. Anyone who heeds their views on acceptable behaviour without laughing themselves sick is themselves laughable.


A typical parlour party (from Diary of a Nobody, aka the minutes of the Pembroke Junior Parlour committee )

A typical parlour party (from Diary of a Nobody aka ‘Minutes of the Pembroke Junior Parlour Committee’ )



One student who claimed to have chosen the theme wrote on Facebook: “Doesn’t any theme contain aspects which could be spun into an offensive costume?… This seems overly controlling and a little insulting.”

Another said, however: “This is a way to minimise the risk of people of colour having a s*** night, being reminded that they share a college with ignorant people who don’t understand the impact of their ‘harmless’ bop outfit.”

We propose this Bop instead*. RAUS!



* Too offensive to Germans, says the Parlour committee. BANNED! Oxford University Student Union says it’s not Nazi-themed enough. Also banned!

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