Anorak News | Daily Express: ‘Correction – Amazing things we get back if we leave EU’

Daily Express: ‘Correction – Amazing things we get back if we leave EU’

by | 29th, July 2016

The Daily Express is no fan of the European Union. Fair enough. Most of us aren’t. But the Express made a few reporting errors it now regrets. On 20 May 2016 the paper published “Amazing things we get back if we leave EU”.


EU Daily Express


Amazing. And wrong. The paper of record now says sorry.



The gallery was formed of 11 images. Each image carried a caption. The captions for images 3 (eggs), 5 (jam), 6 (water) & 9 (swedes) were inaccurate. In the case of caption 3 (eggs), the caption claimed that “A dozen eggs: In 2010 the EU said that food could not be sold by number but by weight”. In 2010 the European Union was considering legislation governing food labelling. In June 2010 Renata Sommer the MEP responsible for steering the legislation confirmed ‘There will be no changes to selling food by numbers”. In fact a consumer who purchased eggs in the UK would be able to do so by number. Caption 3 (eggs) was therefore incorrect. Given that 4 of the 11 captions were incorrect this gallery has been deleted.

Sure as eggs is eggs…

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