Anorak News | Russell Square attack: Chelsea fan Zakaria Bulhan and being mentally ill for ISIS

Russell Square attack: Chelsea fan Zakaria Bulhan and being mentally ill for ISIS

by | 9th, August 2016

Russell Square attack: Bernard Hepplewhite, 67, was one of the six people attacked in London by a knifeman. The Mail says he “suffered a serious injury when a deranged attacker thrust a kitchen knife into his stomach.”

Deranged? The Mail should be more careful than to give the attacker a pass. Yovel Lewkowki, one of the victims, says the alleged killer was “cool and calm”. That is the only appraisal we’ve seen on the attack from any of the victims. Does the Mail know better?

The accused, one Zakaria Bulhan, understood the charges when they were put to him in court.

So why does the Mail call him deranged?

In other news, the Mail says:

Was ‘devout Muslim’ Russell Square knifeman radicalised? Police to trawl ‘impressionable’ attacker’s PC for links to ISIS as neighbour claims mental illness is a ‘scapegoat’

Deranged or radicalised or mentally ill? You could use any of those three cover-alls in isolation of combination to explain pretty much any crime? Was Rosemary West radicalised by her husband and father? Was John Christie mentally ill? Was Hitler deranged?

The Mail adds:

Counter-terror police will today forensically study computers belonging to the Russell Square knifeman as a neighbour claimed the ‘impressionable’ teenager could have been inspired by ISIS.

Scotland Yard believe Zakaria Bulhan, 19, a Norwegian national of Somali origin who moved to the UK in 2002, was not ‘motivated by terrorism’ but its officers are trawling his possessions for extremist material.

But neighbour Parmjit Singh, a BBC radio DJ known as ‘DJ Precious’ on the Asian network, said he had known ‘impressionable’ Bulhan for seven years, adding: ‘His mental health problems are a scapegoat.’

We’ll know more when Bulhan, a “Chelsea fan”, is back in court. Yeah, he’s a fan of The Blues. Why is that a fact the Mail sees fit to share? Is being a Chelsea fan the benchmark of normality? Why do we know that Osama bin Laden supported Arsenal but not what football teams non-Muslim enemies of the State gun for? Does Anders Behring Breivik support Manchester United? Did Michael Ryan cheer on Norwich?

DJ Precious adds:

‘I think peer pressure, hanging around with gangs. He wasn’t working, he was hanging around with Somalian boys and I think they had possible links to serious ISIS people – not directly, but they see all this stuff and are inspired by it. Why would he attack an American woman tourist in a random attack? I think boys have put pressure on him to go there and do something. He was very impressionable growing up’.

Such are the facts.


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