Anorak News | Ill woman wants stolen illegal medicinal marijuana returned

Ill woman wants stolen illegal medicinal marijuana returned

by | 5th, September 2016

At her home in Christchurch, New Zealand, Jane, 49, is surveying her loss. “They took my medicine,” she says of her missing marijuana crop.

Thieves broke in and stole Jane’s drug of choice, the one she uses to treat chronic debilitating foot and leg pain after a car accident. “Other drugs upset my system so badly,” she says. “I have tried all the pills, none of them agree with me. Tramadol put me in hospital, damaged my pancreas. I rely on cannabis – it’s the only thing that doesn’t upset me.”

They took her Afghan Kush.

“I can’t have any old stuff. I need the stuff that numbs me,” she adds. “I know that does it beautifully. Other varieties I need to take three times the amount to get the same effect, just so I can walk without screaming.”

But weed is banned in New Zealand. Jane is unfazed: “I have a mother who is 84 years old. She’s seen me on the pills, in hospital. She approves of me smoking. As far as she’s concerned hers is the only permission I require.”

Good on her.

If it helps Jane, why should Jane be made a criminal for helping herself? Whey should the State own her body?

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