Anorak News | Elitist Black Lives Matter activists block London City Airport

Elitist Black Lives Matter activists block London City Airport

by | 6th, September 2016

Snotty Black Lives Matter protesters have forced London City Airport runway to shut. Nine protestors have “locked themselves together” on the runway.

Black Lives Matter UK says:

“Whilst at London City Airport a small elite is able to fly, in 2016 alone 3,176 migrants are known to have died or gone missing in the Mediterranean. Black people are the first to die, not the first to fly, in this racist climate crisis.

“We note, however, that the UK is willing to charter special flights to remove black people from the country based on their immigration status.”

The small “elite” are holidaymakers and fellow travellers of all colours who want to fly, often on low-cost airlines, to other places. No planes fly from City Airport to Africa.

The even smaller elite are the nine know-alls who have adapted a US protest movement against police shootings of black citizens to be a rallying cry for all manner of ills. As Brendan says: “Its key UK spokespeople are a postgraduate geography student and a ‘black, British, queer, non-binary Muslim’ who goes by the pronoun ‘they’.”

It’s not about inclusivity, equality and civil rights; it’s about exclusivity, creating a space for the righteous and self-absorbed to pose and meet like minds in. It wants to create racial division, dividing society into blacks (victims) and whites (guilty).

‘Check your privilege’, goes the command to whites. But they, like the blacks and everyone else, should spend more time checking their boarding passes and passports than being preached at by these un-radicals. Class and wealth matter. Progressive movements matter.

The regressive and factional Black Lives Matter UK is all very cosy. Look:

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