Anorak News | Ben Needham: excavations end, forensics take over and speculation is rife

Ben Needham: excavations end, forensics take over and speculation is rife

by | 16th, October 2016

The latest hunt for Ben Needham has ended. Police have stopped excavating work ends on the Greek island of Kos. Ben vanished on 24 July 1991. He was 21 months old.

British police have sent “items of interest” to forensics in the UK. The Times says there are 60 such items.

Det Insp John Cousins, who is leading the investigation, tells media:

“I’ve got the confidence that we have done exactly what we can, given the plans we had before we came out here so that I can give an answer, whatever that might be, to Ben’s family… It has been a difficult job, the conditions have been extremely hot and very dusty and they are long hours they have been working.”

The BBC report end with one fact and one theory;

Ben vanished from a farmhouse, which his grandfather was renovating, in the village of Iraklis.

Officers are working on the theory that Konstantinos Barkas, who died of cancer in 2015, might be responsible for Ben’s death.

The BBC keeps things open. Sky News has a more precise guess:

Ben may have died on the day he disappeared, run over by a local digger driver, who was clearing land near the spot where the toddler had been playing.

After the guesswork, the speculation:

If nothing significant has been recovered, it will be a bitter disappointment for the Needham family…

But the prize for reporting goes to the Star:


Ben Needham


Ben Needham dig called off as family told missing tot will ‘NEVER be found’

Is that what a cop said?

The Star has read the words of one Greek officer in the Mail:

“The British police will never find anything. We thoroughly investigated all the areas that the British investigators are searching now at the time and nothing was found. We examined all scenarios of the disappearance of the young English boy and a full report of our findings was compiled and sent to police HQ consistent with an allegation of the abduction of a minor. The investigation and the whole saga continues because the British have provided the money. But the whole operation is futile.”

Such are the facts.

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