Anorak News | Gina Miller v The Daily Mail: the ‘fearless City guru’ who began a filthy foreign gold digger

Gina Miller v The Daily Mail: the ‘fearless City guru’ who began a filthy foreign gold digger

by | 4th, November 2016

The United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union has been delayed because judges did their jobs. For Leavers and anyone who values democracy, that is disappointing news. The better news is that the media has a new idol. It’s Gina Miller. Who she? The Daily Mail has lots:

April 11, 2016: the Mail first notices Gina Miller. She is the “Glamorous investment manager”. She is a “feisty investment manager” who “delights industry critics with her fearless cage rattling”.
We got to appraise her assets. “Unsurprisingly, stylish Guyanan-born Gina is not short on admirers,” says the Mail. “During her modelling days I’m told she was the inspiration behind racy playwright Dennis Potter’s 1989 BBC drama Blackeyes, starring sexy Gina Bellman as a much-desired fashion vixen.”



Gina Miller sexy


Fast forward to the post-Brexit appeal to the judiciary to let Parliament delay the will of the people, and Gina Miller has a new Daily Mail profile.

On June 22, the Mail was looking again at Gina Miller. She is no longer the “Glamorous investment manager”, but the “Glamorous Guyanan-born investment manager”. She was at an EU Ref debate “politely arguing the benefits of remaining in the EU”.

A boorish audience member shouted: ‘I don’t see why anyone should listen to you. Perhaps you should stay in the kitchen.’ Witnesses report Miller maintained her composure and ignored the oafish heckler. A pity. The feisty mother-of-three, 55, is a tough cookie with a spectacularly acid tongue.

Those boorish oafs who attack the polite, glamorous woman are fools. And know that she is 55 years young.


gina miller brexit


On October 17, the Mail noted: “Campaigners led by former model Gina Miller, 51, have mounted a historic challenge to argue that Mrs May cannot leave the EU without the prior authorisation of Parliament.”

A short profile was included on now the 51-year-old

Ms Miller, a campaigning former model who is married to a multi-millionaire fund manager, was a supporter of Remain during the referendum campaign and has previously said she ‘felt physically sick’ when she heard the result.

This week, Gina Miller gets lots of coverage in the Mail. She is the “financial entrepreneur Gina Miller”. She is the “businesswoman and former model who…goaded Brexiteers by saying they should ‘celebrate’ the ruling.”


gina miller brexit


On November 3rd, Gina Miller is reduced to being the “Wife of Mr Hedge Fund”. Her foreign roots are once amore front and centre.

Martin Robinson’s story begins:

The wife of a millionaire financier nicknamed ‘Mr Hedge Fund’ today faced accusations she had derailed British democracy with her Brexit victory.

Is that boorish to reduce the glamorous and stylish tough cookie campaigner (source: Daily Mail) to the role of Her Indoors?


gina miller brexit


On November 4th, the Mail was outraged. Gina Miller as being targeted by nasties.

Remainer Gina Miller is bombarded by vile abuse threatening death and rape after her High Court anti-Brexit victory
Trolls called for the lawyer to be shot while another wished cancer on her
Others called for the Guyanese-born mother-of-three, 51, to be deported…
The 51-year-old, who voted Remain, brought case following referendum

Alexander Robertson begins his story with…  Oh, but before that, did the Mail tell you that Miller was 51? It did. Twice. Oh, good. And did it mention that she was born in Guyana? It did. Perfect. Now read on:

The woman accused of derailing British democracy following her Brexit victory in the High Court has received rape and death threats online. Gina Miller has been targeted on social media by online trolls, with calls from some for her to be shot dead, while others wished cancer on her. The mother-of-three, who was born in Guyana but grew up in Britain, was called a ‘foreigner’ and an ‘immigrant’ by some, with others saying she should be deported.

You wonder where these trolls got the idea that Gina Miller – once glamours and now just a “woman” – was foreign-born, and that the place of her birth is central to the story?

Richard Littlejohn uses his Mail column to call Gina Miller a “City slicker”.

His fellow columnist Katie Hopkins opines:

Gina Miller – The woman with the cash who brought this case against the government said Brexit had made her feel physically sick. Looking at this Guyanan-born wife of a multi-millionaire, laughing in the faces of ordinary Brits, her smug face makes me feel much the same way.


gina miller brexit


Gina Sunderland picks up a wooden ball to lob at Gina. She writes: “There is a whiff of the Jackie Collins heroine about Gina Miller – at least in the version she tells of her life story.”

Jackie Collins wrote fiction. Is Sunderland implying that Gina Miller’s life story is untrue? She continues:

She says she struggled alone to bring up a daughter with special needs and claims to have endured a troubled relationship – before emerging triumphant to find happiness with a multi-millionaire hedge fund manager husband. Often described as a former model – though it is not clear exactly when she was modelling – three-times married Mrs Miller styles herself as an investment guru and philanthropist.

The Mail has called her a model many times (see above) and a fierce campaigner in the City (see above).

Sunderland adds:

As a young woman in the 1980s, La Miller is said to have been the inspiration behind Dennis Potter’s sexually charged TV drama Blackeyes about a model played by her slinky namesake Gina Bellman.

Said by the Mail (see above):

Whether this story, or the tale that her silhouette was used in the opening credits of a Bond film, is true remains open to question. But she has done little to dispel the rumours.

You might suppose a national newspaper with huge resources could check these rumours – and its own reporting (see above) – to find the facts now fit to print in shadow. But no.

Sunderland has more to add:

Now a mother of three aged 51, Mrs Miller is a woman whose sultry appearance can still turn heads.

For her victory speech yesterday outside court, she was dressed, librarian-style, in a blue tweed jacket and high-necked navy T-shirt. Usually, though, she prowls the City – where in some quarters she is known as ‘the black widow’ after her campaign to force investment firms to make their charges clearer and cheaper – in killer heels and tight- fitting frocks.

Philanthropic? Investments guru? Is Gina self-styled thus or said to be so by the, er, Daily Mail?

And then Ruth looks at Mr Miller:

Today the balding, bespectacled financier is worth nearer £30million. Some have wondered why a livewire like Mrs Miller is married to him. Cynics may say she has about thirty million good reasons.

Cynics? Or boors?

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