Anorak News | The State outlaws Christianity in gay adoption row

The State outlaws Christianity in gay adoption row

by | 6th, November 2016

Intolerance is the byword in illiberal Britain. The Times reports on a disturbing case of right and wrong thinking. A foster couple want to adopt two children in their care. The bairns have been living with the married couple for almost a year.

Social services said it would not consider the couple’s request to adopt the children because they had aired “concerning” opinions about the possibility of a same-sex couple being chosen as the adoptive parents instead.

The issue seems to be one of equality. You must recognise, accept and validate an alternative point of view even if it is at the expense of your own heartfelt beliefs. If you thought fostering was about raising children in a secure, loving and thriving home, you were wrong.

Andrea Williams, chief executive of the Christian Legal Centre, which is supporting them, said: “This couple’s viewpoint is lawful and mainstream.” This weekend the husband said: “We don’t want to fight or make ideological arguments. We are normal people.”

We live in age where identity is all and action is rooted in therapy. Life is about symbols and signalling.

The State seeks to control and legitimise your thoughts, using constraints on conduct to heel past wrongs. The irony of ironies is that the State that outlawed homosexuality, branded gay men a danger to children and decreed what consenting adults could think and do with their own bodies now says you must support gay rights or be despatched to ‘the wrong side of’ and, er, deemed unfit to be around children.

They added: “We are Christians and we expressed the view that a child needs a mother and a father. We expressed our views in modest, temperate terms based on our Christian convictions. We love everyone (regardless of sexual orientation) and we love the children and believe that they would benefit from the foundation offered by a mother and a father.

“The decision… appears discriminatory to us and not related to the children’s needs. The children love us: we love them. All the reports show that we are a loving, caring and stable family. What more could a child need?”


Asked how he would react if one of the children came out as gay, the husband said: “It is hard to accept, but we would accept it.”

But the State is not listening. It’s telling. It has an agenda and you must comply to it.

They claimed that the social worker became upset that they did not endorse “views that go against our conscience” and they became “concerned about his motives”. They claimed that he threatened that their status as foster carers might be reviewed…

They also said that they had mentioned their interest in adopting the children many times to the social worker but he had put them off, saying their home was too small. Two days after they were told that a gay couple were being lined up as adoptive parents, the husband and wife formally applied to adopt the children themselves.

This smacks of a new form of religious persecution. Agree and adhere with State policy or be relegated in the country’s status league tables and punished. You are no longer an upstanding citizen worthy of the State’s trust. All of us – gay and straight – should recognise that when the State tells you what to think, what to believe in and how to be human, none of us wins.


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