Anorak News | Brexit balls: Ukip’s Susanne Evans thinks MPs should control the judiciary

Brexit balls: Ukip’s Susanne Evans thinks MPs should control the judiciary

by | 6th, November 2016

Still wondering why Ukip is so reluctant to let go of Nigel Farage? The Herald reports:

Ukip leadership hopeful Suzanne Evans has suggested judges should face the prospect of being sacked by MPs in the wake of the Article 50 case in the High Court.

Ukip wants politicians to have control over the judges? What lunacy.

She warned about judges increasingly intervening in political decisions and suggested the judiciary should face being grilled by a Commons select committee with the power to recommend sacking them.

What a terrible idea. An independent and impartial judiciary is one of the cornerstones of a democracy.

The fundamental concept of judicial independence came into being in England and Wales in 1701 with the enactment of the Act of Settlement. This statute formally recognised the principles of security of judicial tenure by establishing that High Court Judges and Lords Justice of Appeal hold office during good behaviour. Appropriate and formal mechanisms had to be in place before a judge could be removed.

Before 1701 senior judges held office at the sovereign’s pleasure and there are many examples of judges being removed from office for failing to decide cases in accordance with the wishes of the King or Queen. Since the Act of Settlement it has only been possible to remove a senior judge from office through an Address to the Queen agreed by both Houses of Parliament.

But, yeah, better to let the MPs decide on their own who is fit to uphold the law as they see it. We trust our MPs implicitly, don’t we? That question to you, Nigel Farage.

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