Anorak News | University of Michigan-Flint provides students with ‘safe spaces’ after Trump victory

University of Michigan-Flint provides students with ‘safe spaces’ after Trump victory

by | 9th, November 2016

To the University of Michigan-Flint, where fans of Hillary Clinton (who she?) can hide from the terrifying orange lunk (that’s President-elect Donald Trump) in a safe space. Counsellors are here to help.

The Washington Examiner has published an email it says was sent to students by Chancellor Susan Borrego, who noted:

“…there would be additional support for those traumatized by Donald Trump’s win. UM-Flint’s Ellen Bommarito LGBTQ Center, Women’s Educational Center and Intercultural Center will provide ‘safe spaces’ for anyone suffering from election loss… counseling is available.”

Counsellors for Trump! From the Rust Belt to the Trust (Conveyor) Belt, the therapy industries continue to boom under Donald. Your jobs are safe!

In addition, next Tuesday the “Diversity Council” will hold a “Post-Election Conversation.”

If that doesn’t make your spine shudder, you can pop along and have a diverse conversation with like minds. Who knows, Hillary Clinton might be in there, too.


According to the Safe Space Network: “A Safe Space is a place where anyone can relax and be able to fully express, without fear of being made to feel uncomfortable, unwelcome, or unsafe on account of biological sex, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, cultural background, religious affiliation, age or physical or mental ability.”

It’s an expansion of the golf club mentality, but one where every group gets their own room.

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