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Scare Stories: roast potatoes give you cancer

by | 24th, January 2017

Make your roasties too crunchy and get cancer. That’s the message in the Daily Mail, which warns readers that cooking roast potatoes beyond a “light yellow” hue increases the risk of cancer. Maybe.


cancer daily mail


The problem is in a chemical called acrylamide, which “caused by the browning process”. And it can also be trigged by keeping your spuds in the fridge.


cancer daily mail


You might have read the news on cancer-inducing roasties when it appeared in the Daily Mail back in November 2016.

Professor Guy Poppy said in a report accompanying the study: ‘The risk assessment indicates that at the levels we are exposed to from food, acrylamide could be increasing the risk of cancer.’

Could be.

Michael Caine says “Nah!” The Mail told us that Caine knows the secret of a perfect roast potato. “My mother always dusted her potatoes with a little white flour to ensure they stayed crisp once out of the oven,” he advises Mail readers.

So how soon will you get the cancer from a roastie? Dr Poppy tells us today:

“The amount of acrylamide in food has the potential to increase the risk of developing cancer for all ages during a life-time of exposure.”

Conclusion: living on roast potatoes might be bad for you.

Add it to the list.

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