Anorak News | Trump criminalises the Muslims Obama bombed

Trump criminalises the Muslims Obama bombed

by | 30th, January 2017

President Trump’s executive order on Muslim migration, stopping all refugee admissions and barring people for 90 days from entering the US from seven Muslim-majority countries – Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen- is illiberal, wrong and harmful.

There’s a grim irony in a US ban on refugees fleeing destruction and depravation in Yemen, Iraq, Syria and other countries America has done so much to destabilise. The US, under the Obama administration, was happy to sell arms to its ‘special’ Saudi Arabian ally and back a Saudi-led coalition attacking Yemen that has killed 131 people at a wedding and 140 civilians at a funeral.

Now Trump’s America has made you a criminal for having been born in a place riven by war. You were not an innocent victim of a bomb ‘Made In America’. You were a suspect.

If America ever stood for anything, it never stood for anything so ignoble. For a man who professed to epitomise a rebellion against the elite, Trump’s sure got it in to for the ordinary citizens of those countries. If you’re an Iranian diplomat, you’re ok. The travel ban does not not extend to you. Trump supporters should consider that.

Like you, I wonder why why Trump’s ban doesn’t include Saudi Arabia, Egypt or Pakistan, counties whose citizens have attacked the US? Like you, I wonder why there were no protests at Saudi Arabia’s ban on US and UK citizens born in Israel?

Many are upset and are giving full throat to their disgust. But a lot of it is misdirected. The Mirror leads with the news that Trump is not welcome in the UK. The way to ridicule a bansturbator like T’he Donald’ is not ban him. It’s to usher him in and show him that reason trumps his house of cards.


Daily Mirror trump


The petition seeking to prevent Trump’s state visit is popular. But, boy, is it weak.


trump petition



It’s a change of tone from all that news of Her Majesty being strong, stoic and enduring. Prince Andrew’s mother is not so easily embarrassed.

And, yeah. Monarchy beats democracy. How’s that for progress?



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