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The Vogue for having a hissy fit about cultural-appropriation

by | 20th, February 2017

Hard luck on punks, skins (the Trojan music ones), rockers, mods, Goths, Teds, people who take part in battle re-enactments, hipsters, anyone in a Nehru collar, cross-dressers, the Trustafarians in Notting Hill who dress like Redneck truckers, schoolgirls in kilts and Boy George, the singer who spent part of the 1980s dressed an Hassidic Jew. Cultural approbation is out. Unless you or your ethnic tribe or countrymen invented that look, you’re not allowed to adopt it. When American supermodel Karlie Kloss dressed as a geisha –  black wig; white make-up; bound feet – for a Vogue magazine shoot in an issue about – get this – cultural diversity – a shitstorm erupted.


Vogue yellow face


Kloss and Vogue were guilty of ‘yellow-face’, the offence of a white woman dressing up as an Asian. Kloss saw that wearing clothes had caused a stir. She said sorry for “these images appropriate a culture that is not my own and I am truly sorry for participating in a shoot that was not culturally sensitive.”

Wikipedia tells us that Kloss has German and Danish roots. She can wear a dirndl and itchy jumpers – or both together, perhaps topped by a baseball cap in honour to her US roots – but never a kimono. Cultural cross-overs are out.

Vogue should have been more savvy and allowed the models to pick their own outfits. As soon as the magazine began to harp on about diversity and cultural identity it was exposed. That it failed to adhere to its old PC stance is lame-brained.

But, then, as NY Mag notes, fashions change. The spread, we read, was ‘likely an homage to Richard Avedon’s shoot of German model Veruschka von Lehndorff that appeared in Vogue in 1966′.

That was a bit of fun, a bit of fluff and creative nonsense to enjoy. Dressing up is fun. Playing around with fashion is also fun. When did it become a deathly dull issue? How can you be fashionable and stand out from the crowd if you’re only allowed to wear the same as everyone else?

Conformism is the new fashion. Adhere to it and your bang on trend.

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