Anorak News | Saudi Arabia’s new girls’ council doesn’t have any girls

Saudi Arabia’s new girls’ council doesn’t have any girls

by | 14th, March 2017

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Saudi Arabia’s inaugural girls’ council meeting in al-Qassim province was a hoot. As is the way whenever girls are invited to a cool new hang-out, lots of boys turn up in the hope of getting lucky. It gets a bit awkward when no girls arrive and the first Qassim Girls Council meeting attracts 13 men.

Of course, Saudi Arabia is not modelled on an Ibiza nightclub, but the penal system, wherein all women are treated as suspects and kept imprisoned lest they lead the lads astray. The men assure us that girls were at the meeting but in another room and accessible via video link. You can see the girls but not touch them. The Qassim Girls Council is more peep show than talking shop.

Saudi Prince Faisal bin Mishal bin Saud heads the shindig. “In the Qassim region, we look at women as sisters to men,” he says, “and we feel a responsibility to open up more and more opportunities that will serve the work of women and girls.”

Hear that, ladies. You get to wash AND dry!

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