Anorak News | White House explains why Donald Trump didn’t shake Merkel’s hand

White House explains why Donald Trump didn’t shake Merkel’s hand

by | 20th, March 2017

Do you know why Donald Trump failed to shake hands with Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, when they met in a Washington state room? The White House spokesman has explained. But before he gets to it, let’s see if you can guess why Trump didn’t extend the hand.


merkel trump

Trump and Merkel shake hands – artist’s impression


a) His hands are too small and the full extent of his grip is one of Merkel’s fingers (see above)

b) He’s rude

c) His preferred greeting is to grab women by the p***y

d) The last time he touched an East European woman he wet himself (and her)

e) He didn’t notice she was there

It’s ‘e”, albeit with a caveat – he knew she was there but wasn’t paying her enough notice to hear her ask for a handshake.


donald trump merkel

Merkel presents Donald with a more familiar shaped target for his hands


White House press secretary Sean Spicer tells German’s Der Spiegel magazine: “I don’t believe he heard the request.”

We are now in the realms of what Sean Spicer believes. Facts are old hat. Belief is all.

Germany’s Bild newspaper calls it ‘improbable’ that Trump didn’t hear Merkel. It notes that Trump did not once look Merkel in the eye. Of course, had he have done, The Don would have turned to stone. Fact! We heard that Sean Spicer read it on a website and believes it to be true. So it is.

In other news: ‘Merkel: “My lucky escape.”‘

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