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A Holocaust Survivor’s obsessive collection of anti-Semitic propoganda

by | 28th, March 2017

The Jew, Universal Enemy is a cartoon by Philipp Rupprecht (4 September 1900 – 4 April 1975), aka Fips. It appeared in Der Stürmer in 1937, the Nazi newspaper Rupprecht worked for from 1925-1945. The Herrenvolk liked his work very much.


 German artist Philipp Rupprecht’s poster, with words in Polish. Photograph: Arthur Langerman Private Collection

hilipp Rupprecht’s poster The Jew: Universal Enemy.


In 1938, Rupprecht’s illustrations appeared in Der Giftpilz (The Poisonous Mushroom), a book for German children about vermin Jews. After the war was over, Rupprecht was sentenced to 10- year hard labor. He was released on 23 October 1950 from the prison in Eichstätt and for the rest of his life worked as a house painter in Munich and Starnberg.

Evil always was banal.


antisemitism poster


Rupprecht’s work is part of Belgian Holocaust survivor Arthur Langerman’s collection of 7,000 antisemitic objects. Langerman calls his collection an “obsession”. It features many low-marks in anti-Jewish hatred: Edouard Drumont’s publication of La France Juive; ephemera from the Dreyfus affair; drawings by Czech artist Karel Relink; graphic propaganda.

“If I donate everything to a museum, I fear they will keep them in the basement,” says Langerman. “I would prefer it to be the basis for an institute dedicated to studying and fighting antisemitism… After the war, the type of antisemitism found in my collection was a taboo. Today, it no longer is.”


Der Giftpilz Fips

Der Giftpilz


antisemitism poster


Via: The Guardian, FlashbakHeinous Cartoons 1886-1945 is at the Caen-Normandy Memorial Museum, France, until 15 December

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