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Madeleine McCann: the nanny does’t REALLY know anything

by | 18th, April 2017

In a “WORLD EXCLUSIVE” the Daily Mirror leads with Madeleine McCann and the statement: “What REALLY happened the night Madeleine disappeared.”



There are three pages to this front-page screamer. And they can all be distilled into four simple words: “We do not know.” But for the umpteenth time in almost 10 years since Madeleine McCann vanished and the media went into a voracious feeding frenzy, the Mirror will speculate and theorise.

The small twist in this latest burst of ‘no news’ is that the “Nanny” is breaking her “10 YEAR SILENCE” and will tell us what she saw happening in Praia da Luz after the child vanished. Over pages 4 and 5 we hear from an unnamed woman billed as a “nanny”, “ex-carer”, “former child minder” and “witness” who worked for Mark Warner at the Ocean Club Resort in the Algarve at the time of Madeleine McCann’s vanishing. Surely the woman who was there the night Madeleine McCann vanished and soon became the media’s ‘Our Maddie’ has spoken before, notably to the police? This is a woman who “looked after the girl several times”.

It soon becomes apparent that she does not know what “REALY” happened to the child.

She says she helped search for the child, including looking in bins “in case her body was in there”.

She says the police arrived late and the flat was already polluted by much to-ing and fro-ing.

She was interviewed by Portuguese police.

And then feelings takes over from fact. She says she was “astonished” Kate and Gerry McCann were “ever deemed suspects in their own child’s disappearance”.

She tells us Madeleine McCann was “pretty”,  “a real cutie”, very sweet” and “really nice”. These are elements that made the story fly. The blonde child sold papers in a way a missing black child or adult would not.

She had a “feeling the locals didn’t want us there”. She says the place felt unsuited to families. She was handed a rape whistle and advised not to go out alone late at night.

She “hopes” Madeleine McCann is alive.


maddie mccann crime


She does not tell us anything new about the night Madeleine McCann vanished. But the woman “believes all key witnesses – including herself and the McCanns – should be put together in the same room”. Why? For a TV spectacular? “I bet all of our memories could add up what actually happened,” she opines.

But those memories are in the same room. They in the room at the police station. They are part of a huge investigation. And as yet, the police have still not established what crime if any befell Madeleine McCann. There are no suspects. There is only the single fact we knew on May 7 2007: Madeleine McCann vanished.

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