Anorak News | Theresa May is the people’s champion in her pro-Brexit General Election

Theresa May is the people’s champion in her pro-Brexit General Election

by | 18th, April 2017

There will be a General Election on June 8 2017. Theresa May wants Parliament to approve her call for a summer poll. She needs Labour to back her request – she needs two thirds of MPs to back an early-term General Election. They dare not deny her. What purpose is there in Opposition if you do not take your chance to unseat the incumbent Government? May’s message is clear: put up or shut up.

(We’ll have a Labour government on June 9th or my name’s not Pascal Thatcher-Livingstone III.)

Theresa May hopes to be a leader the demos voted for and not just the Conservative’s place holder.

She hopes the Tories will annihilate Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour at the polls, as they surely will.

She hopes UKIP voters will vote Tory, as they surely must.

She hopes there will be no new populist, left-wing pro-Brexit party to bloody the establishment’s noses.

The election will be a vote on Brexit. The Government’s majority is small. Division in Westminster, says May, is trying to undermine and scupper the will of the people. The news is stuffed with ex-PMs, unelected Lords, the very rich and connected chipping away at the people’s will. We voted for Brexit. We voted for change, more say, openness and being closer to the leaders and law makers who represent us. Everyday people saw a chance for something different and seized it.

May wants all parties to put forward their plans for Brexit and let the people decide which they prefer. A vote for the Conservatives is, she says, a vote for Brexit and a vote that will see the will of the people carried through.

A vote for May’s Tories is a vote in the national interest. Three other reasons to vote Tory are:

Jeremy Corbyn.

Jeremy Corbyn.

Jeremy Corbyn.

It’s going to be a Tory landslide.


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