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Daily Mail health warning: breathing gives you cancer

by | 18th, April 2017

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It’s Health Tuesday in the Daily Mail. In today’s issue readers are asked: “Does your lifestyle put you at risk from Air Pollution”.

If you don’t breathe, you’re ok. If not, read on…

Air pollution can increase your risk of getting – deep breath (and so hastening you’re death? – ed) – heart disease, cancers, a stroke, asthma and dementia.

You are at most danger if you are on the school run, an urban cyclist, the owner of a wood burner or on a train commuter, says the paper. But the list should include Daily Mail readers because there’s a chance that what the Mail tells you places you in peril.

November 2016: The Mail tells its rears that wood burners are ace:

One way of making a home more cosy this winter – and potentially saving money along the way – is installing a wood-burning stove. While the initial outlay can be expensive, they can reduce your fuel bills, while at the same time being a fashionable addition to your home.

October 2016: Cycling to offices and shops is great, says the Mail:

Cycling to work drastically lowers your risk of having a heart attack – even if it’s just for 30 minutes a week

January 2017: Commuting longer distances makes sense.

House prices drop by £3,000 for every minute of train travel out of London – try our interactive map to see how much commuters could save

As for the school run, well, the Mail says you’re all mad and more likely to kill than die from air:

How stress on the school run is turning mothers into maniacs – STRESSED mothers are putting their children and other road users at risk as they race through the streets on the school run.

Don’t worry. Most likely you’ll be dead by tea time.

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